Let's start at the very beginning

Which, if Julie Andrews has taught us anything, is a very good place to start.

I'm 23 and graduated from university last summer. Since then, I've been working as part of the communications team at an NHS trust - a perfectly good first job, and one which I'm very lucky to have had and which has helped me hone my writing skills for different audiences and taught me an awful lot about what I want out of my future career. The job is due to finish at the end of March and at that point I'm planning to move down to London to live with my boyfriend and get a job down there.

This blog, therefore, is going to be the diary of my progress in moving to London, job hunting and any adventures along the way, as well as a wider diary of things that go on in my life including books I've read, films I've seen, pictures I've taken and anything else that I feel so inclined to post on.

The reason for starting to blog now is that a very exciting opportunity has come up to intern as a copywriter with an advertising agency, starting next week. I'm immensely excited about that as I've always loved writing, even from when I was little, and this is a great chance to bulk up my portfolio and make it more creative. I'm not expecting it to be easy by any means - a couple of other copywriters I've spoken to have said it's a tough industry - but I'm hoping that it'll be brilliant experience and will hopefully give me an idea that this is what I want to do with my life.

There is also a job with a major and popular website as a junior writer which I'm applying for, although that's a bit more technical than I'd truly like to be and closer to my current job than just pure writing, but you've got to take your chances and I don't know what might come of it. Ditto an editiorial assistant job that looks interesting, although again that's moving further away from writing yet again. It sounds a bit risk-averse but in a way I'd much rather have a guaranteed job to go to in March than move to London and temp, even though I can thankfully afford to do that and I'd much rather temp in London than back home where I am now. But this is all speculative right now, and let's see what happens...


  1. Hey Laura! You will absolutely love London, there is so much to see and do here. I completely agree with the permanent contract vs. temping idea. You're a bright spark so I'm sure you'll find your feet : ) What part of London does your boyfriend live in?

  2. Another one here who's curious to know where in London you'll eventually be moving to - hopefully I'll be able to meet up with you when you do!

  3. Really wishing you the best of luck!

  4. Lots of luck with the move, Laura. It sounds like this will be a real time of change, but good change. I look forward to reading more about it.

  5. Wow what NHS trust do you work for? I work in the Comms department for Northumbria Healthcare for 2 years. Love your blog!

    Sophie @ labeauteecossaise.blogspot.com