The times they are a-changing

(When in doubt, always quote Bob Dylan.)

There's been a fair bit of upheaval in my life over the past couple of days. Firstly, my boyfriend chose to announce - on New Year's Eve, in front of all our friends, so no pressure! - that he hoped we'd all be celebrating it in our own flat, as in one that we'd bought. He's recently come into a fair bit of money from an inheritance, and whilst I knew he'd thought about buying property with it but it was always along the lines of buying somewhere to rent out and making a living off it that way. We've discussed it a little bit further and think we'll probably buy early next year, once we've lived together for a bit and the market has started to pick up so we wouldn't be in negative equity but would still be able to afford somewhere in the area where he lives now but a little bit nicer.

I am ridiculously excited about this - I've been wanting to live with my boyfriend for ages, and I admit that I have a serious inner decorator in me that's itching to get out (I'm currently in the process of moving back into my old bedroom and am loving sorting out the decor). Plus, in a very sad way, owning our own home feels like a 'proper' grown-up thing to do, especially considering how young we'll be if we buy when we plan to, at 24 and 25. However, I'm fully aware that owning your own home is a major responsibility, as well as all the legal stuff that goes with it as obviously my boyfriend will be putting in most if not all of the money to buy the place. But we'll see how it goes, and it's still an exciting step to be taking together.

The other big change is that my best friend has got a job in London and has moved down there, which is giving me some mixed emotions to wrestle with. I don't want this to become a 'woe is me' blog, but whilst I am absolutely over the moon for her as she's been desperate to move down there I still feel a bit like it should have been me first because I've been trying to get there for months. On the other hand, I know that's my own fault for not applying to enough stuff recently and the fact I'm picky about what I want to do and what I'd need to earn to have a reasonable quality of life in London. I think because - dare I say it? - I'm restless here, both in the job and my living situation, I want a chance to stretch myself and feel challenged again. And the way I'm going to get that is by continuing looking for work in London - after all, one hundred percent of the shots you don't take don't go in (to quote Wayne Gretzky). Whilst I do miss my best friend and dislike her not being around the corner, she's always at the end of the phone, and it's only a few more weeks before we'll be able to see each other all the time.
Oh, and the resolutions are fairly mixed so far - I've seen two films I hadn't watched before (Wall-E and Scott Pilgrim vs the World, reviews coming soon), bought a couple of new bits to further my outfit ideas and have fired off two more job applications, but the reading hasn't done so well and has mostly been trash. *blushes* Still, we're only four days in. There's plenty of time yet...

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