Today I am mainly blogging about feet.

Not as horrible as it sounds, honest!

As many of you will know, I am a member of an internet forum which originated out of its members' love for the shop Lush and its products, so we like our beauty goodies. Whilst I wouldn't describe myself as a beauty junkie per se, I'm always up for trying new things to make myself look and feel better. So yesterday, I met up with a few people from said forum, and after steadying our nerves with caffeine we headed off to Appy Feet, which has recently opened up near where I lived. If you hadn't already guessed, it offers fish pedicures - basically, you put your bare feet in a tank of water filled with fish which nibble the dead skin off your feet. Now I appreciate that might be a bit, "Urgh no!" for some people, but I've got really dry skin on my heels and figured that you only live one, so I'd give it a bash.

When you arrive they take some information, mainly medical stuff but nothing too detailed, and then you wait until a space becomes available (they have the tanks of fish in sets of four, and three of each set). You're given a space to hang up your coat, and then asked to take your shoes and socks off and don a very fetching pair of Crocs - also a new experience for me - to walk to the foot washing area, wash your feet and walk back. Then you sit on a banquette next to the tank, take the Crocs off, swivel round and lower your feet into the warm tank of water.

It's a bt of an odd feeling to start with - almost like tickling but not quite, kind of bubbly. I have very ticklish feet and I didn't find it made me want to instantly jerk my feet out of the water, although at first it was a very odd sensation as they all rush to your feet but later on they spread out a bit more. I did keep twitching my feet though as they seemed to really like the gaps between my toes and I was a bit paranoid they'd get stuck! It helped that I was talking to the other people having it done as well as that kind of takes your mind off it - the thought occured to me whilst I was getting it done that it would be really good for something like a hen party, where you might not all know each other and it would be a great ice breaker, although when I was there people of all ages were having a go, including young couples and a mother with her daughter.

After our time was up (which was right when I was actually starting to get quite into it!) we were given towels to dry our feet with and then put our shoes and socks back on. I instantly noticed that my feet felt 'lighter', as airy-fairy as that sounds, and that there was an improvement - although the really dry bits on my heels aren't totally gone they are much better than they were this morning, and the bits I thought were OK but that the fish loved, like under my arch and around my toes, are really smooth. At £10 for 15 minutes I think it's an absolute bargain and I'll definitely be going back. Highly recommended.

So, to continue the theme of pampering my feet for today, I spent yesterday evening painting my toenails. I bought some polish from the Accessorize stand in Superdrug, in a lovely shade called Aztec - it's kind of like a glittery purple but goes all different colours like green and gold when the light hits it. As part of my plans to take care of myself better this year, I've developed a bit of a thing for nail polish. I was never a particularly girly girl when I was younger, and I'm still not really, but in the past six months or so I've started wearing dresses and skirts more and playing with make-up and generally being a bit more bothered about what I look like. Nail polish has been a big part of that - I love playing with different colours to get different looks, but weirdly I prefer painting my toes to my nails, partly because I always seem to wreck my fingernail polish and partly because, in an odd way, I like having something that no-one else knows about. Sadly my camera was on the blink so no pictures, but stay tuned and I'll see what I can come up with...

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