A door has closed and windows have opened.

So, last week I took a step so huge on my journey to London that I feel like a giant (which is not an inconsiderable feat when you're only 5'2"). It came up totally out of the blue, during a normal Thursday afternoon in the office, and a conversation regarding my current contract which is due to end in March. The possibility of a contract extension was raised, I obviously must have looked torn - which I was - and within minutes it was settled: I had eight weeks left in my current job.

I'm not going to lie - I am absolutely terrified. It's never been a secret at work that I've wanted to move to London and was simply here until someone said yes - although I should stress I don't mean that in an ungrateful way in the slightest - but up until a few days ago it's been this vague abstract thing that was going to happen at some point and suddenly it's real and I'm filling out termination forms and teaching colleagues how to update the website and all the rest of it. I haven't exactly had the best reactions to the news from my nearest and dearest either, despite playing it down (although my boyfriend is absolutely over the moon - no surprise there). Which is totally understandable; they're my family, after all, and I know they'd hate to think of me stuck in an awful temp job - or worse, with no job at all - when I could stay at home, live rent-free and keep saving for my future. Plus it feels like there's a lot of unspoken pressure on me to get this right, because I almost feel But my feet have been itching for a while now, and whilst I'm fully aware it's not going to be easy I'm ready to move on and start my own life.
That said, I have thrown myself into job hunting with gusto, and have started thinking about what I might want to do with myself. Quite a few decent-looking jobs have cropped up, admittedly with the odd annoying quirk (a brilliant job for a travel company - on the other side of London, boo!) and one which I would love to get but secretly don't think I stand a chance, as well as a few other things I'm pretty confident I could do despite the relatively high salaries. However, whilst I've always loved writing and I know I'll keep doing it in some capacity, I've been wondering if maybe I should look elsewhere for a career based on what I know I'm good at. A lot of my current role has revolved around effectively being a PA to the Head of Department - handling her calls and emails, managing her diary, prepping documents for meetings, sorting out travel and hotel arrangements and generally keeping the office afloat - so I'm wondering . I have put in for a PA job that sounds really great but again don't know if I'd get it due to not having the words 'PA' specifically on my CV, although I've done the job in all but name. But we'll see.

It's the first step on a very long road, but at least now I can actually see where I'm going...

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