Beauty Review: 17 High Gloss Nail Polish in Poncho Pink

One of the things I wanted to do this year was to take care of myself properly - eat better, drink more water, take regular exercise, buy decent skincare etc. To my mind, that also includes the occasional bit of pampering.

I am the first to admit that as a child and a teenager, I was a major tomboy; it was all jeans and trainers (think B*Witched chic, oh the shame!), action figures and video games, Indiana Jones and James Bond. However, in the past two or three years, I've discovered my girly side. Granted it isn't full blown yet - I highly doubt I'm ever going to get that far - but in terms of things like wearing skirts and dresses, and styling my hair properly and putting on make-up, I'm definitely getting there. Part of this endeavour was to wear nail polish more, and to try different shades and styles including a bit of nail art when I feel slightly braver! However, I have chosen to ease myself in gently with this one - 17 Poncho Pink, with Nails Inc Harley Street base and Seche Vite top coat:


Apologies for the smudges and the slightly cack-handed application (I normally do my nails at night and let the shower tidy them up), but for a first go I don't think it's too bad. I like the colour - it's a bit more of a candy pink when it's on but has a slight pearly sheen to it which I like - but the quality of the polish is a bit rubbish, I only put it on last night and there are already a few chips and knocks :( However I don't know if that's because the polish is quite old.

So what do we think?

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  1. Such a pretty colour, I actually don't own a 17 nail polish shade!