Things I'm loving this week

Inspired by this blog from my very good friend Billi, and in the hopes it will boost my shameful lack of blog posts, here is my lovingly ripped off (to quote Eric Idle) list of things that are making me smile this week.

This week I'm mostly wearing: my Dorothy Perkins snake print skirt. I actually bought this thinking it was leopard print (the website just lists it as 'animal', which could mean anything) but loved it so much when it finally arrived that I kept it. Snake print is set to be a big trend this season, and I can see why - it's similar to leopard in that it works in lots of different colours, but is much more wearable in items like dresses and skirts depending on the closeness and colour of the pattern - I've always found leopard much easier to wear in small doses and that it only really works with black or red, but snake seems to have much more potential. Plus, crucially for me, the skirt is a great shape - nice fitted waist, sits right on me so I can reach into the pockets, and finishes just above my knee, so it's fine for work as well as for going out.

This week I'm mostly listening to: podcasts. I have a ton on my iPod and need to get up to speed with them, so am making an effort to listen to them much more, particularly when travelling and whilst getting ready in the morning. I have a fair few I listen to regularly but my current favourite is one produced by called Stuff You Missed In History Class. Basically, it's snippets of history spanning every time period and topic you could wish for, and going into more detail about those areas you sort-of know a bit about but where you don't have much more to go on than the basic facts. Even for a hard-core history nerd like myself you're normally guaranteed to learn something you didn't know before, or extend your knowledge on a topic that you have a passing interest in. Plus the podcasts come in nice bite-size chunks so you can fit them into a short journey like a morning commute or a walk into town.

This week I'm mostly watching: As always, a lot of How I Met Your Mother. I was late to the party on this, mainly because I didn't know it existed and that it was good until about a year ago due to the channels that had it not knowing what to do with it, but now I've found it I absolutely adore it. For those who haven't watched E4 in the last year and therefore never seen a trailer for it, it follows the story of Ted, a New York architect who embarks on the search for Miss Right after his friends Lily and Marshall get engaged. It has been mentioned as 'the new Friends' in some circles, and this may be an opinion coloured by years of Friends repeats,but I personally think it's better - there is much more of a long-term narrative feel to it and there's a slightly quirky, silly thing about the humour which appeals to me. I absolutely love it.

This week I'm mostly eating: homemade French toast. Now I love toast, toasty toasty toast*, but this is my current favourite snack to curl up with on the sofa when watching telly. Basically it's toast spread with a mix of butter, sugar and cinnamon - very very bad for you, but seriously tasty. Give me that plus a huge mug of hot chocolate or tea (at the moment I'm loving the Tea Palace's Mulled Spice blend which goes perfectly with the cinnamon) and something brilliantly trashy to watch, and I am a happy bunny.

* Props to Ron Burgundy.
This week I'm mostly reading: The Hell Of It All by Charlie Brooker. I must confess I am a latecomer to the Brooker bandwagon - since he got on Channel 4 he seems to have toned it down an awful lot, whereas before I always found him too aggressive. But I did always find him funnier in print than on TV, and this book - a Christmas gift from my best mate and a collection of his columns for the Guardian - brilliantly encapsulates his style, which is basically ranty with the odd well placed swear word and, whilst not laugh out loud funny, will generally cause a few chuckles (I particularly enjoyed the one about the BNP election broadcast). Possibly not a book to read in public, but if you're in a slightly grumpy mood about the world then I'd recommend this for both agreement and amusement. And it's nice to know that, for a comedian who I always found a bit "I'm better than everything and modern life is rubbish", he does have some guilty TV pleasures.

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