An update on my 2011 goals

Once again, apologies for my terribly shoddy posting rate - I will do better, I promise!

So, as some of you may remember, at the end of last year I posted a blog about things I wanted to achieve or to do in 2011, and I thought it would be good to post monthly updates in order to help myself keep track of how things are progressing...

Learning to drive
OK, I admit this one has made no progress, but that's because I need to replace my driving licence after losing it on my university campus some years ago, and am not sure whether to wait until I've moved to London or just get it now, although I'm thinking waiting until I've moved and have a permanent-ish address down there is probably the best move. Plus by the time I'd got a licence, even if I applied for it now, I might well have moved anyway and therefore it makes sense to wait to start lessons until the spring. So this one's kind of on hold at the moment, but I have a plan in place.

Moving to London
Again, still in motion - there has been talk of my contract being extended again, which would require some serious thinking about what to do next, but otherwise it's all on track. Sadly it's looking increasingly unlikely I'll go down there with a job, but that's OK. I think to be honest I've reached a point where I'm just ready to be there now and the job thing is something I'll sort out when I get there, although I am going to keep applying for anything interesting that comes up between now and then.

Dream job
I've been applying to stuff but have only had one interview and didn't get it, which I was gutted about at the time but now am actually OK with. But I'm going to keep applying, and to possibly widen the net a little to get myself a decent starter job as a PA or similar. I'm also planning to try and get some more copywriting work experience and am hoping the IPA copy test will run again to have a bash at that. So that's making progress. albeit rather slowly.

£10k in the bank
I've upped the ante on this a bit by including competition winnings and profits from selling stuff online to the total, and so far I'm close on £5700. Which isn't loads, granted, but it could be a lot worse. Obviously this could well be the calm before the storm of being unemployed and dipping into the pot to support myself, which I really hope I don't have to do, but so far so good.

Doing more exercise
Um, yeah, that. I did start well, then just got fed up of it and have fallen off the wagon again, apart from dancing round my room most evenings. I am however trying to work more exercise into my daily routine in terms of things like walking, because I just think that's going to be the only way for me to do it - it has to become a habit, and it has to be relatively easy and enjoyable. I have also just ordered a swimming costume online so am determined to go to the pool this weekend and get the use out of it!

Sorting out my style
I have bought bright scoop neck tops, so that is something, as well as a few other bits like shirts, and have some ideas for things I want to add to my wardrobe. On the skincare front, whilst I haven't tried any new products I have noticed a definite improvement, so am going to keep going for a bit longer - I think it's generally about six weeks of having the same routine before you can tell if it's made a difference. I've also started getting into nail polish, which I'll blog about later this week.

Watching more films and box sets
The film thing, I admit, is failing miserably, although I will watch one tonight to attempt to start making up for it. Box sets are progressing a bit better, I'm currently halfway through season two of How I Met Your Mother and four episodes in with True Blood, and am really enjoying both. So this one is a bit mixed at the moment.

Reading more
I'm currently on my sixth book this year - World Without End by Ken Follett, for those who are interested - so well ahead of my book a week target, although I must admit so far it's been more trash than 'proper' novels. But I've got plenty of those to hand for when I finish the books in my to-read pile.

Using up toiletries
I've used up three things this month - two body creams and a body scrub - which frankly in my uber-stash isn't much, and I do admit I caved to the Body Shop sale and the Lush Valentine's Day range. But I've got a couple of things which are on their way out, so am optimistically hoping for another three or four things off the list by next month. It's getting there!

Dying my hair red
There is a block of henna in my room calling my name, but I am too much of a wuss to do it in case I hate the colour it ends up. I also feel like I can't be bothered with the faff of sectioning my hair and all the rest of it, so this one might have to wait until I've got someone to help me with it. But I'm determined to do it, just so I can say I did.

So, in general, most of my goals are so far going pretty well - I'm only a month in after all, so there's plenty of time yet, but hopefully next month I'll be able to provide an equally positive update, and hopefully more so.

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