2011 goals: March update

So, we're two months into 2011, and it feels like the right time to take stock of my achievements so far this year for March:

Learning to drive
At the risk of provoking groans due to my terrible puns, this has definitely stalled. However, because of slightly scary things that are now definites (more later!), I'm ordering a licence in the next few weeks and then hopefully will start lessons in April. So hopefully within the next few weeks that'll get moving (sorry, couldn't resist...).

Moving to London
As regular readers will know, a few weeks ago I effectively resigned from my current job, which means as of the 1st of April I will be moving to London. So I'm currently in a whirlwind of packing and cleaning and paperwork in order to get everything together before I move. It feels like there's so much more to do than there was when I went to uni - things like sorting out home insurance and registering with a new doctor and dentist and selling stuff on eBay and all the rest of it - and the realisation that I'm a grown up now has kicked in, which is both terrifying and exciting in equal measure. So that's one major goal for this year tentatively close to being achieved.

Dream job
No more interviews I'm afraid, but still applying to plenty of stuff. However, I do have one huge piece of news. Remember the internship I did before Christmas? Well, one of the copywriters is moving to another agency, and I finally managed to get hold of the creative director after spending weeks ringing him to find out that he wants to meet me to talk about taking over her job! Whilst trying not to count my chickens, it would be an absolutely perfect job as I could write all day and I would be working in a great location with a lovely bunch of people (and the money wasn't bad either). Next step: speak to slightly sceptical boss about taking a day off in the next couple of weeks to go and see him, and keep applying to other jobs - see not counting chickens.

£10k in the bank
Not to big myself up too much, but I have to say I've done well on this - I've got roughly the equivalent of £6,200 in the bank now, and hopefully I'll be able to increase this next month as I'm planning to move my ISA to another provider which has a slightly better rate of interest, so hopefully that'll up the extra money coming in. I'm also due a fairly big windfall from the taxman when they eventually sort my PAYE code out so that'll be going into the fund as well. In all honesty I'm not sure how realistic the £10k target is now due to finishing my job and having to spend money to stay afloat for the first month or so, but I'd like to get as close to it as I can. We'll see what happens.

Doing more exercise
Much better than last month I'm pleased to report - I managed to complete a 20 minute workout most days in February, and when I didn't I did other exercise like walking to and from the bus stop (about a mile each way) or around London. Still haven't got into swimming or sports classes, but again once I move I'll get signed up with the local pool and go as often as I can. I'm not sure I've lost any weight, but I do feel a lot better in general - I'm sleeping well and I feel like I have more energy, which can only be a good thing.

Sorting out my style
Not much more movement on this front I'm afraid, mainly because I haven't bought many clothes this month, but I have noticed I'm getting into skirts and ballet flats. This seems to be preparation for the summer as last year I went slightly mad on that look and really enjoyed it, so I think it taps into my girly side in that regard. One thing I am adapting though is to buy items with multiple purposes - for example, the other day I bought a pair of black platform chunky heeled court shoes in New Look, which will go brilliantly with loads of things in my wardrobe, and has meant that my strappy Aldo beauties (pretty but ultimately impractical if you have short legs) and beaten up Mary Janes (which would probably cost more to fix than to buy a new pair) have now been retired. The rule about thinking of three things you can wear your new purchase with may be a cliché, but in this instance it's true.

Watching more films and box sets
Pretty much the same as last month to be honest. I've now watched the whole first season of True Blood, and completely loved it, despite knowing how the second season starts through catching the first ten minutes of it on Channel 4 a few months back, and am into season four of How I Met Your Mother. Both of those will possibly come to an end this month, and so I'm thinking of continuing alternating a comedy and a drama. Next candidate for the drama is probably going to be Being Human, as I loved the first series but then fell out of the loop, and I'm thinking of getting back into Yes Minister for the comedy. Reviews will be forthcoming. And I WILL WATCH MORE FILMS!!!

Reading more
Most of this month's reading was World Without End by Ken Follett, which I did like in the way I liked Pillars of the Earth - too many attempts to defeat the characters and a far too neatly tied-up ending, but I did love the two main characters. So I didn't exactly read more as I'm way behind my book a week schedule, but it was worth it. I am however determined to go on a reading kick this month and get through as many of the classic novels on my parents' bookshelf as possible before I move out, unless I end up taking them with me...

Using up toiletries
I've used up 14 products this month, but bought/won 6, so this goal has been a bit mixed. But the stash is gradually getting smaller, which is definitely a good thing, and I just need to keep going so I can get rid of as much stuff as possible before the move - the goal is to get rid of 20 products by the end of the month. Plus I haven't spent anywhere near as much money as I used to on toiletries (we'll ignore my growing nail varnish collection), so that's a considerable improvement.

Dying my hair red
Honestly, not going to happen, for a while at least. I did buy the henna but just don't have the guts to do it right now, as well as the sheer amount of faff it involves. If I could go to a Lush and get them to do it for me and it looked OK I might be persuaded to go for it, but then I do love my natural colour and don't want to hate the red. So this one is on hold for the time being until I stop being a wimp and just do it.

So, they're the updates on . The general consensus seems to be that it's been more of a tick-over month, just trying to keep up with everything before it all goes a bit crazy in the spring after the move, but with the very exciting prospect of an amazing job on the horizon. Now just got to see how March pans out...

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