The door isn't closed, just ajar...

My second-to-last week before moving has been one of ups and downs. As regular readers of my blog will no doubt be aware, I've had two interviews in the past ten days or so - one for a job that I really wanted and which would have been absolutely perfect for me, and one which was a decent starter job but ultimately not what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't get either of them.

So now I'm moving in *glances at calendar* ten days, and I have no job to go to. I am therefore in what to some would seem like the worse case scenario and having to find a temp job. At this point I should stress that I'm not averse to that whatsoever, after all work's work and money's money. However, whilst temping has its merits, I admit that I've only heard my boyfriend's horror stories about it - having to earn your holiday, being made redundant from his job and then hired back - and there is a large part of me which is very reluctant to go into something so, ultimately, insecure where I mightn't get proper employees' rights and could be out of work at a moment's notice.

However, the ad agency have been incredibly generous to me and have told me that I'm more than welcome to come back and do another internship once I move, and that they will help me out with trying to find more placements, training, putting me onto other jobs that might come up etc. So at the moment, foolish as this sounds, I'm thinking I might go to London, do a couple of weeks there and get signed up with temp agencies until I get some paid work. I'm pretty sure that ultimately, this is what I want to do, and now I've got over the disappointment of not getting the job and started to appreciate how well I actually did to get that far, I've got a plan forming of how I'm going to get there in the end.

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  1. That's pretty much what I did after I graduated. I knew I had to be in London to stand any chance of getting a job in publishing, and I knew I needed more office experience in order to be able to get any sort of job at all, so I signed up with the Covent Garden Bureau (who were very good) and did bits and pieces of temping work for four months before I got a permanent job. It is scary, but it worked out well for me! Good luck - and we'll have to meet up when you move : )