My good deed for the day - and maybe yours too

I don't normally do plugs on my blog, but a contact on a forum I frequent has recently made me aware of a fantastic little website called Give and Make Up, who basically take donations of toiletries and make-up and give them to women and children who are in refuges after escaping domestic violence. Because often they flee so suddenly, unable to take many (if any) possessions with them, they arrive at the refuges without a lot of the simple products we take for granted like shower gel and face wash. As I have a huuuge toiletry stash I thought that the least I could do was package up some stuff to help them out and to give me less stuff to pack up and find a home for when I move.

So here's a photo of my parcel and its contents - this is a standard small size Post Office parcel box which you can buy at most Post Offices:

To give you an idea of what you can send, in the box are:
Simple Oil Balancing face wipes - bought on a 2 for £5 in Boots so figured I'd give the other one away
Cotton wool pads - also bought on 3 for 2 and then realised I still had some when I got home so have put some in the parcel
Body Shop coconut shower gel sample
Four nail polishes (two Boots 17 pinks, a Nails Inc cherry red and a Nails Inc greige) - nail polish isn't one of the listed items but I thought it would be a nice treat for someone who maybe hadn't had anything like that for a while
Boots Ingredients honey & jojoba hair mask
Benefit foundation brush - they will also take any make up tools like that you have, providing they're clean of course
Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume 4ml - again, they don't specifically ask for perfume but I thought it'd be a nice treat for someone
Three Body Shop shower gels (hemp, wild cherry and cranberry)
Two pieces of soap - Lush Love and an unidentified French one which was a Christmas present a few years back

There will also be a second parcel shipping in the next few weeks which will contain the big block of Lush henna I'm too scared to use (apparently hair dye is useful as some of the women want to change their appearance after they leave the abusive relationship) and loads of little samples that are currently living in my boyfriend's bathroom cabinet.

I'd really encourage you to donate anything you can to Give and Make Up, they will take pretty much anything (you can find the full list on their site, and lightly used/sample/gift with purchase items are fine too - basically if you'd give it to a friend then they consider it OK) and it really does make a difference to the lives of those who receive the parcels. Thanks for reading and please pass on the message!

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