Beauty Review: Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green

OK, so I know that this is kind of a variation on the green and glitter theme from last time around, but I felt that in honour of Saint Patrick's Day on Thursday I had to opt for Barry M Racing Green - a proper dark, mossy, emerald green. I have to say I really loved the application of this one; it went on really well and gave me a really nice effect coverage wise (my nails for various reasons tend not to take colours well straight off so to get full coverage in two coats was great!). It seems to be one of the things with a lot of cheaper nail polish brands that coverage seems to be a lot better than some of the more expensive ones, and that's definitely one of the many things Barry M have going for them, as well as an array of funky bright colours and their infamous crackle.

This is a mani of new colours again because I hadn't used China Glaze before either, though I have a fair few of their polishes. Fairy Dust is a bit of a cult product amongst nail bloggers as one of those things that, similarly to crackle, goes with everything - basically it's a clear polish which contains holographic glitter so when your nails hit the light they go various different sparkly colours. Again, I felt that this applied really well and had great coverage, although your perception of that might depend on your angle as obviously the holo is more sparkly when the light hits it than if you angle your hand so as to just see the silver specks. (And I guarantee you'll be moving your hands round once you've got it on to see what it looks like!)

So here it is:
Apologies that this hasn't come out fantastically well, it looks better in real life but this was the best one where you could see the green. (Note to self: get decent camera.) Base as always is Nails Inc Harley Street and top coat is Seche Vite.

I think I definitely prefer Fairy Dust to the Andrea Fulerton Annie I used in my previous manicure like this, mainly because you get much more of the true base colour whereas I felt Annie toned down the colour underneath it and made it look paler. But then Annie isn't necessarily designed as a layering polish, whereas Fairy Dust is, so it's inevitable that that would be the case (although it still has a role to play in my nail art). The other advantage of Fairy Dust is that it works on a variety of base colours, whereas black crackle for example wouldn't show up over the Racing Green because of how dark it is.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with that - I love the effect of the Fairy Dust and can see myself using that constantly over loads of different shades, but really like Racing Green too (in fact, although this may be a bit premature, dare I say it's my favourite of my greens so far?). In fact I can see this working as a component in a slightly clashing, cheesy red, green and gold Christmas-themed mani, but that's a few months off yet!

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