Beauty Review: Topshop Green Room

Remember how I said I wasn't a nail art person? Well as I've been bulking up my polish collection (oh dear, the less said about that the better), and on the inspiration of my lovely friend Cazza, I decided to tentatively dip a toe into doing more than just wearing plain polish...

I really like Topshop nail polishes - they've got a great range of colours, they're very reasonably priced at £5 a bottle and they apply nice and evenly. This colour, Green Room, is one of their latest shades for spring/summer 11 and ties in with the whole brights and colour blocking trend currently going on fashion-wise. It looks a lot more blue on the website though, but I have a bit of a thing about green nail polish so couldn't resist snapping this one up. Andrea Fulerton, on the other hand, is something I'd heard other people raving about but hadn't got to try for myself until now, as I'd seen the colour - a mega-sparkly silver glitter - in a magazine but couldn't find it anywhere other than the huge Superdrug in Blackpool. My original plan was to wear it over a nude polish, but then Cazza suggested putting it over green, and I couldn't resist.

Base as always is Nails Inc Harley Street and top coat is Seche Vite. This is using two coats of Green Room and one of Annie.
These are technically quite 'old' though as I did them on Friday but only photographed them last night, but I love the effect so much I couldn't bring myself to take them off for work yesterday (although they did get a compliment from my boss, win!). The other hand doesn't look so good as I was trying to get the hang of it and over-glittered one nail and smudged a couple of others, but trial and error I suppose - it needs quite a thin coat of glitter. As you can see it goes more like a mint green when it's layered, closer to Topshop's Gone Fishing shade (another favourite but possibly too close to the polishes I have to justify a purchase).

However, I'm considering this a highly successful experiment, and more glitter layering is planned for future manicures. Just got to decide which one to go for next...

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