This week I am mostly...

With apologies for the fact that this segment should perhaps be renamed 'This month I am mostly...', here is the second update of the things I am enjoying this week:

This week I'm mostly watching: Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes. If you haven't yet seen it, iPlayer. Now. Basically it's your typical '20/50/100 Greatest Whatever' show, but featuring Robert Webb - whose merits for hosting it seem to be that Flashdance routine and being brilliantly sarcastic - the usual talking heads and a selection of most of the dances that you've done at family parties/school discos/in clubs after one too many over the years. But it is also peppered with brilliantly random moments of genius, particularly watching Phil and Grant Mitchell doing Kung Fu Fighting (I still can't work out if this ever actually appeared on the show or is some kind of charity spoof), Michael Aspel talking you through the moves to the Time Warp, Madeleine Albright dancing the Macarena at the UN, several Let's Dance For Comic/Sport Relief spoofs and choreographers taking themselves just a bit too seriously. The number one is predictable - and, in my view, wrong - and a fair few entries are just very good videos as opposed to actual dance routines, but for a few hours of nostalgia it's highly recommended.

This week I'm mostly travelling: Back and forth to London. I went down there yesterday for a fairly major meeting/interview about a job that would be absolutely perfect for me and which I would love to get, then I'm going back down there tomorrow to spend the weekend in London, and I've just had an email offering me another interview next week. I must be Virgin Trains' best customer right now. (Especially after the throwing away the tickets whilst on the train mishap yesterday, but we'll gloss over that one.) On the other hand, after the 2nd of April the train journeys up and down the country will be much fewer and further between, so I suppose I'm just paying my travel dues.

This week I'm mostly attempting to read: Cranford. I am the first to admit that there are many typically 'old' things I like (Radio 4 being the prime example), but I haven't read all that many classic novels, and thought that whilst I was living at home I'd take advantage of my parents' library before I move out. This was the first one I picked out, and so I'm endeavouring to finish it before I move out. Giving up magazines for Lent however does not seem to have helped, as I'm not actually doing any more reading, but I am determined to finish this book before I move out!

This week I'm mostly listening to: Stevie Wonder. I've always loved Superstition (I am very bad for being unable to pick one favourite song of all time - instead I find one I like, play it to death, get bored of it and go on to something else - but if I had to choose that would be up there for its amazing bassline) but must confess I hadn't listened to a lot of his other music. Whilst I was packing up all my stuff for moving this weekend I decided to play something I might not normally listen to, and I picked out the Definitive Collection - which, as is usually the case with these sorts of compilations, probably not all that definitive, but it was one of the first things that came up on Spotify. And I've got to say I really, really loved it - not all of it, admittedly, but there were so many great uptempo tracks that I couldn't help dancing to that I've downloaded the lot. Plus, in an odd way, it's only when you listen to someone like Stevie Wonder that you realise how much other musicians have been influenced by him. His version of Higher Ground, whilst so different to the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover (again, me with my thing for a good bassline), is equally brilliant, and in my knowledge fail I realised that Wild Wild West samples I Wish. Definitely going on the iPod for summer music or just when I want to feel happy and dance.

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