This week I am mostly...

Another 'This week I am mostly...' blog from me, after a very interesting seven days...

This week I am mostly listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was first introduced to their music by my sister (who, if you didn't know her as a teenager, would not strike you as a Chilis fan!) with their Californication album, which I still think is the best thing they've ever done, and have listened to them ever since. I just really love their grooves, whether they're upping the tempo or slowing things down, and without wishing to get too melodramatic I've been having a week where I've needed music for both those states. Anthony Kiedis' lyrics teeter on that fine balance between being completely random and strangely poetic, and their live performances are pure unbridled energy. It is music that moves you, whatever mood you're in. Plus their cover of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground is one of very few cover versions I actually like. I am both very excited and very nervous about their new album, which is hopefully coming out later this summer, as it's the first one in years without John Frusciante and I don't much like One Hot Minute, which is the last one they made without him - don't get me wrong, Dave Navarro is an amazing guitarist, but he just doesn't have that Chilis vibe. But I'm keeping an open mind about the new guy and hopefully they'll do something great.

This week I'm mostly reading: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, as part of my 'read more classic novels' endeavour. I must admit I'm not that far into it just yet, but currently it's pretty good - I haven't read a book that gripped me so much straight away for a considerable time so it's nice to have something I'm actually looking forward to reading. For those who don't know the plot, it follows a young art teacher called Walter Hartright who encounters the titular woman in white whilst walking home in the early hours of the morning, and then discovers she is linked to a house in Cumbria where he has been sent to teach two young women to draw. That's as far as I've got so I can't say any more about the plot, but at the moment it's a nice slow burner with just enough being given away to keep you reading. Highly recommended for those who like a good mystery.

This week I'm mostly wearing: Spring clothes! I am one of those people who has certain clothes which only come out of my wardrobe during certain seasons, and I always look forward to getting out the spring clothes after the spring equinox - which, roughly translated, means 'things that only go with Converse', as much as I love them they're not the most practical of winter shoes for the cold and wet north-west of England. My excitement about the spring clothes is admittedly a little odd, as I'm not much of a 'summery' person - I tend to find a lot of the high street stuff too floaty and pastelly so end up spending slightly daft money on T shirts in Fat Face and surf shops and then just wearing those with shorts and jeans all the time. Sadly a lot of my favourite summer clothes are currently languishing in my boyfriend's flat as I wanted to have the minimum amount of stuff to take with me when I move to London next weekend, but this week I've been marking the return of spring by sporting my favourite Gold by Giles at New Look electric blue trench coat and spritzing myself with Boss Orange perfume. And as of tomorrow, the Converse are back! I shouldn't be this happy about that, but in my classic overexcited way I am. :) :) :)

This week I'm mostly buying: much too much! I did a big Amazon shop this week (in my defence I had vouchers and two things in it were things I needed - new straighteners because mine have officially died and my mum's Mother Day's present), bought a skirt I really loved from Dotty P, two T shirts and some sunglasses from (well technically three because I'm not sure which size I need in one of them but the other one will get swapped for a Pacman belt), a jumper, a T shirt and a dress from Joe Browns and a stack of nail polish, make-up and toiletries. Oops! But hey, if you can't go a bit mad with your last paycheck from your first job before you have to be a proper grown-up with bills and rent to pay, then when can you? And it'll all get used/worn etc, so it's all good... Plus (shameless pimpery alert!) I've put a bunch of stuff on eBay and which hopefully will make a bit of the money back.

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  1. Re: Woman in White - If you're enjoying the book, on absolutely no account be tempted to listen to the ALW musical version. It's god awful.