Admin and domesticity: my first few days in London

Apologies for the lack of blogging, but what with interviews and moving it's all been a bit crazy here!

So, on Saturday I finally packed up all my stuff, got on a train and waved goodbye to my old life in Lancashire to head down to London. It was a sad moment, I'll admit, because it brought it home that I'm an adult now and have to make my own way in the world, as well as the fact I felt guilty because my mum cried, but at the same time once I was on my way then all the stress seemed to go and the excitement kicked in. The journey wasn't particularly great as I had to stand up the whole way, which is partly my own fault (I didn't know you could ) and partly a lack of luggage space on the train, but we did get a cab from Euston to the flat which was quicker and cheaper than expected.

This weekend has been mostly settling in and chilling out- we went for dinner with my boyfriend's mum and grandparents and then for a few drinks for Mother's Day yesterday, but that was about the busiest it got. (The restaurant was great, by the way - best swordfish I've ever had. I'll review it later this week.) I am however falling into the bad habit of not going to bed before midnight, which won't be great when I actually have a job, especially if it's up in town, so I need to start getting out of that routine sooner rather than later.

Today I have been mostly ringing round recruitment agencies to try and sort myself out with a job now I'm here - response so far seems to have been pretty good and I've managed to send my CV off to a few places and put in for a few things, and have registration meetings with two of them in the next couple of days. I've also been working on my application to a job similar to my previous role which closes on Wednesday and for a grad scheme with a publisher that would start in six months, so there are a fair few things in the pipeline, and have spoken to one of the directors at the advertising agency I interviewed with last month for more work experience just to keep my hand in on that front. I have also been a bit of a domestic goddess - as well as finally sorting out the mountain of stuff I had left to unpack I've done a load of washing up, washed my boyfriend's shirts (oh the glamour) and got stuff for tea tomorrow from Tesco.

As well as my registration meeting, the plan for tomorrow is to go out and get a feel for my new area, plus I need to call the college I interviewed at last week to see what's happening with my application - I suspect that considering they were supposed to tell people the outcome on Friday it's a no, but if you don't ask you don't get... I also need to get the wheels in motion for claiming JSA, which is something I didn't particularly want to do but equally I'm not going to turn my nose up at £60 a week or whatever it is now, and to register with my new doctor and dentist.

So that's my first few days in London. Obviously it would have been nice to have spent it working if I'd got one of the jobs I went for a few weeks ago, but hey ho - it just wasn't meant to be I guess. As always, onwards and upwards.

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