Beauty Review: Topshop Nails in Carry On Camping

For someone who is a bit of a nail polish addict, I've decided that I have too many nail polishes and so am working through my collection to decide which ones I can get rid of. Today's colour, Topshop Carry On Camping, is testing that theory. I bought this kind of on impulse as a last hurrah before I moved down to London and started my current job because I liked the name, but hadn't had a chance to test it out before now, so I figured I'd give it a go whilst I was deciding whether or not to keep it as I wasn't sure about the colour in the bottle.

One thing I do like about Topshop nail polishes is that they apply really nicely and have a lovely opaque glossy finish, although on occasion they do need three coats rather than my normal two to even them up at the edges. This one was no exception and went on like a dream, and dried in a reasonable amount of time too. The colour is one of those that seems to be different every angle you look at it - for example, I'm typing this in our lounge with the overhead light on, and in this light it looks very much like a straight mid green, almost grassy (and appropriately so given its name), but then in the bottle and natural light it seems a lot paler or darker. To show you what I mean, here are a couple of pics, both with flash but making it look totally different - the first photo makes it look more like Topshop Green Room, the second is closer to what I think it's meant to look like:

Base as always is Nails Inc Hyde Park and top coat is Seche Vite. Please excuse messiness, the pics were taken right after I'd done them so I hadn't neatened them up.

In terms of whether I'm going to keep this one, I still haven't decided. It's pretty enough, but it hasn't totally won my heart, so I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it on or not.  I have an idea for a Great Outdoors manicure with this one and two other Topshop green nail polishes, so I want to try it in that first before I make a decision.

If you fancy picking up a bottle of Carry On Camping, you can find it and the rest of the Topshop Nails range in larger branches of Topshop, at a cost of £5 for an 8ml bottle.

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