Beauty Review: OPI Nail Lacquer in Teenage Dream

It's probably deeply uncool to confess this, but here goes: I'm a Katy Perry fan. However, whilst I like her music, the real attraction to me is her look - the slightly mad hair colours, the bright makeup, the kitschy quirky ramped-up vintage clothes. She's a bit like the girl I'd want to be if I had the confidence to just exercise that slightly crazy side of my personality. So when I saw she was doing a nail polish collection with OPI, I just had to snap it up (mainly as OPI did it in one of their very reasonably priced mini sets at £12 for four small bottles - which considering a full size one is a tenner strikes me as a very good deal). The polishes are all named after songs from her new album, and the first colour from the set I'm trying is Teenage Dream, a beautiful glittery soft pink.

The great thing about this colour is that you can build it up depending on what level of coverage you want - one coat will give you a very soft shimmer to your nails but still look relatively natural, which is good for something where you want a classic look with a twist such as a wedding (I might try this on my nails when my boyfriend's sister gets married in September), and two will deepen it to get rid of any see-throughness if that's not what you're after but still be quite subtle. However, today I wanted a look that was very pink and had a lot of sparkle, so this is with three coats:

Excuse messiness, I'll tidy them up later! The pic's not very good as I was trying to hold the blind up and take the picture at the same time, but you get the idea. As you can see it's got little bits of pink glitter in it as well as bigger chunks of holo, so depending where the light hits it you get a little sheen of sparkle or a big flash of brightness.

However, it wouldn't be a Katy Perry-style manicure if it didn't have a little bit of an edge to it as well as the prettiness, which is kind of one of her trademarks and something I'm a big fan of. I noticed in the ad campaign for her range that she wore this colour with a layer of black crackle over the top, which seemed perfect for changing this up, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I really like this as a look - there's almost a leopard print effect to it with the crackle which makes it quite unusual and a bit different from a plain crackle manicure which I'd normally do over a bright colour (although I should point out there'll be a lot more crackle manis forthcoming...). It also changes the whole pattern of where the glitter is by covering it up, so different bits show through in comparison to the first picture. Plus I got three compliments on it in a day which in my book equals a definite winner - so much so that I may even trot it out if I can get tickets when Katy Perry tours in London again in the autumn.

You can buy OPI Teenage Dream from,, John Lewis stores and Sally Salon Services, either on its own at £10.50 for a 15ml bottle or £12.15 as part of a set of four with the other three polishes in the range, all of which I'll blog sometime soon! Black crackle is pretty much ubiquitous at the moment, with offerings from OPI and Models Own amongst others, but the one I have is Barry M Nail Paint Special Effects (also now available in pink, blue and white) which you can buy in Superdrug and Boots for £3.99 a bottle.

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