Beauty Review: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Trio in Art Attack

I may be a bit of a nail obsessive, but I'm always looking for a bargain product. So Andrea Fulerton's nail polish trios, which promise three looks for the price of one (or maybe two depending on your budget), was something I couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for a bright colour as well so picked out the Art Attack set, which as well as being named after one of the greatest kids' TV shows of the 90s - ah, Neil Buchanan and his jumpers! - includes a lovely shade of bright mid-blue and a shimmery golden yellow.

As you can see, the bottle is double-ended, so you get two shades straight off, and then the idea is that you layer the two colours together to get a third shade. I've been itching to try a ring finger manicure for a while so thought today I'd go for that with the layered effect and then alternate the other colours, so I can show all three off at the same time.

Both polishes apply really well and don't streak. The blue in particular gives great coverage - I could have got away with one coat but chose to do three for comparison across my other polishes. The yellow, on the other hand, isn't as great; you can still see a bit of the nail at the tips even with three coats, but I think as it's meant to be layered over the blue more than as a stand-alone colour that's slightly forgivable.

When the two are mixed together you get a shimmery lime green colour that would be perfect for a Halloween manicure - it seems very similar to China Glaze's Zombie Zest, which I coveted for ages but couldn't find so this will make a perfect dupe. That said the colours work just as well alongside each other as they do layered and would be a great summer manicure or for a trip to the seaside. That said in comparison to some of the other shades in the range it seems to be one of the ones where the two polishes go well together - I have a couple of others in the range which I'm not sure would work in this kind of look, but we shall see...

If you fancy picking up Art Attack or any of the other Andrea Fulerton trios, they cost a very reasonable £7.99 each at Superdrug.

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