Bar Review: Barrio Central

I freely admit that I don't often tend to have 'proper' nights out - maybe one every couple of months or so at most - and that when I do we generally don't go into Soho, preferring to stay around Covent Garden and Charing Cross Road. However, when I went out last weekend we decided to wander deeper into Soho and head to a bar called Barrio Central on Poland Street.

I have to say it was a real little gem - it's tucked away but as it's quite tiny it can fill up quickly, although we noticed there seemed to be a rush about eight, then it went quiet for a couple of hours and then got busy again. There's a main bar area upstairs, which I think is also a restaurant during the day, and then a club area downstairs, although we spent most of the evening in the bar as they played the same music but you could still have something resembling a conversation. The mix of music was really good as well, with everything from current chart to 80s and 90s hits and decent old-school hip-hop.

The bar menu is mainly cocktails, most of which are exclusives to the bar and come in around £7 or £8 each depending what you have, although they also have a three for £20 deal on cocktails specific to certain regions of the world. My personal favourite was the Ramos Gin Fizz (gin, cream, lemon and orange flower water), which was absolutely yummy and very drinkable. The only quibble I have is that it was quite expensive outside of happy hour, when there's a smaller classic cocktail menu for £4 a pop, but they do have that every day until 8 o'clock which is quite surprising to see for central London on a Saturday night, so I suppose I can overlook that.

I'm definitely going to be coming back to Soho, as sadly we didn't stay out as long as we might have liked to, and when I do Barrio Central will be my first stop for its choice of drinks, friendly staff and good music. Highly recommended.

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