Beauty Review: Missguided Nail Splash in Misstaken

I love bright colours, especially on my nails, and particularly in the winter - when it's cold and dark and wet outside, a bright colour on my nails makes me feel like summer isn't too far away. Back in the days when I was still buying magazines - as mentioned in my New Year's resoultions post a few weeks back, I'm currently trying to give them up - I got this beautiful fluorescent orange shade free with one of them over the summer, but just hadn't got round to trying it until now.
I have to say that I haven't tried any Missguided products before, but I was really impressed with this one. It's easy to apply as it's got quite a wide brush, and the coverage is great - I would have felt happy to use just one coat but as always I used three to keep the comparisons the same.

However I think my favourite thing about this polish is its durability. It took around five days to start showing even tiny chips, which in my book is really impressive because I know my nails get quite a battering from typing and taking notes all day at work, so I'd definitely invest in more Missguided shades based on how well they'll last and the fact that they tend to be lovely and bright. They're also very reasonably priced at £5 a bottle - I think you can only get them through the Missguided website but they do also sometimes give them away free with women's magazines, so keep an eye out for them!

Overall this is a lovely vibrant polish which makes me feel more positive every time I look at it. I think I can definitely get through the winter with nails this bright! It'd also make a fabulous polish for toenails in the summer.

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