Beauty Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish in Lemon Drop and 17 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Sherbet Lemon

As we move towards the spring, my hankering for nail colours always turns to sunnier shades, and a really good shade of lemon yellow is something I've been looking for for a while. I spotted two at similar price points - Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in Lemon Drop and 17 Lasting Fix polish in Sherbet Lemon - and couldn't tell the two shades apart in the bottle, so I thought I'd do an alternating manicure to see which one I preferred.

To start off with the Rimmel, unfortunately it's quite sheer and does streak which meant I ended up going over each nail twice on the first layer to get decent coverage. The 17 shade was better in terms of coverage but still a bit streaky, although considering that happened with both polishes I'm not sure if that's a formula thing or if it's more to do with how pale the colours are, as I've noticed similar things with pale polishes in the past. The other concern I have is that both of them, but particularly the Rimmel shade, chipped quite easily - I took this photo about a day after I originally painted them, with top coat, and already you can see there are a couple of tiny chips on my middle and ring fingers.

Base coat is Nails Inc Hyde Park and top coat is Seche Vite, same as always.

When they're on though, I can't tell the difference between the colours (little and middle fingers are 17, index and ring fingers are Rimmel), which seems to be in keeping with the theme of this blog post. These two seem to be the twins of yellow polishes - similar formula and near-identical shade - but at this point it all feels like much of a muchness, because I've got to say that neither of them really made me excited to wear them. They're just a little bit too bland for my liking and I think I'd prefer something brighter.

I think this might have to be the first time on one of these blogs where I admit defeat and that I just can't get on with these polishes. The Rimmel in particular I was very disappointed in as I've come to expect a certain level of quality from them and that just wasn't there this time. If I had to choose one though then I'd go with the 17 shade, purely because it had a marginally better formula and lasted slightly longer, but part of me also thinks that maybe with another coat of polish I might have felt a little less 'meh' about them.

Both polishes cost £2.99 a bottle, which is a reasonable amount to pay for a nail polish in my view, but I think my expectations of these two brands were just too high this time. Oh well, onwards and upwards to find that perfect yellow...

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