Beauty Review: 17 Magnetic Nail Polish in Grey

As regular readers of this blog will know, when it comes to nail art I'm all for the easier methods - mainly because I'm not the most steady-handed of people and, whilst my efforts would be noble, the result would probably look like someone had let an artistically challenged three-year-old loose on my polish collection. Give me something you can use straight from the bottle, like a glitter or a crackle, and I'm a happy bunny. As a consequence, most of my nail art tends to have a slightly 'rocky' edge rather than the prettier, more delicate details of those with more finesse, and that extends to today's product - magnetic polish.

There are loads of magnetic polishes around, particularly from Nails Inc, but the shade I've picked out is a 17 version in Grey. I've blogged a lot about 17 polishes before, but this is as good an opportunity to sing their praises as any; they're very reasonably priced, they last well and they come in every colour you could possibly want, from the latest trends to timeless classics. The trendiness also extends to their styles of polish - they were very quick to jump on the bandwagon for the likes of crackle and metallics, and then followed suit with adopting magnetic polish. For those who maybe haven't caught on to it yet, the polish contains tiny magnetic particles which then react to a magnet in the polish lid, and you can move the magnet around to create different patterns.

It is a bit tricky to use to start with as you have to hold the magnet quite close to the nail but without touching the nail directly, although thankfully removing the polish with nail polish remover doesn't seem to affect the magnet. It took me about three or four goes but eventually I figured out a method of holding the magnet over the polish for about ten seconds (there is a handy little 'rest' on the top of the lid that you can place against your finger to steady it). Also first coat coverage is not all that great - I'd say you need at least two coats to get an opaque finish - and you have to use the magnet as soon as you've painted your nail. This is quick-drying stuff and leaving it too long means you won't get any effects.

All that said, once it's done you do get some amazing patterns (please excuse the slightly smudged litle finger and the tip wear). This is with three coats - I did one in the light of my living room and one in daylight outside my office:

Base coat is Nails Inc Hyde Park, as always, but I went for a matte top coat as I felt it was more appropriate to the slightly rocky feel of the polish - a shiny top coat would have made it look too glossy, which I didn't think worked with it. My matte top coat of choice is Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish, as it's cheap and durable; the nails held up for the best part of a week, and probably would have survived longer if I hadn't got bored of them.

Overall, I really like this polish - it holds up well, it's easy to use and it gets loads of compliments. Yes it's a little bit time-consuming in comparison to just whacking on three coats of polish and a top coat, but it's probably a good gateway to more delicate nail art if you're that way inclined.

If you fancy picking up a bottle of 17 Magnetic Nail Polish it comes in four shades (I also have the green which I'll try out another time) and costs £5.99 a bottle from Boots.

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