Beauty Review: OPI The One That Got Away

I admit that I am one of those people who, when I find something I like, plays/wears/uses it to death, and as the weather has turned in these past few days I felt like I needed a nail colour that would cheer me up a bit. So, sticking with the brights theme of the past few weeks, as well as continuing to try out my Katy Perry polishes in a bid to have trialled every nail varnish I own before I go travelling, today's shade is The One That Got Away, an amazing metallic dark pink with fine glitter in it.

The polish applied really well and, as with the other Katy Perry polishes I've tried, it's very buildable - the shot above is with my usual three coats but you could quite easily just apply one and have something a bit more sheer. It does look slightly darker in the bottle (closer to the picture below), but I think with the shot above I just got lucky with the angle and the light.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Katy Perry manicure without crackle (I know, I'm becoming a crackle bore):

As always apologies for the mess! Base coat is Nails Inc Hyde Park and top coat is Seche Vite.

Overall I really like this, although I think it works better on its own than it does with the crackle layered over the top, but I don't know if that was because the crackle seemed much gloopier than normal this time. I do have to say however its durability wasn't amazing as it could have been as two nails peeled off pretty much instantly (which of course I didn't notice until I was at the party I'd specifically done my nails for), so I felt a bit annoyed about that. I don't think that was the polish though and is probably more down to the crappy quality of my nails. But oh well, the ones that stayed intact still looked nice!

Sadly I think the Katy Perry line is now discontinued, but there may be a few bottles still knocking around - a big bottle of The One That Got Away is £10.50 or £12.15 for four mini polishes. Seche Vite is available from Sally Salon Services for about £10 a bottle and the Barry M black crackle I used is £3.99 a bottle from Superdrug, Boots and bigger branches of Topshop.

Beauty Review: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Glisten

The gloriously sunny weather this week has made me yearn for pretty, springlike nails (well that, plus I had a few occasions this week which required me to have reasonably smart yet chic nails, and my usual penchant for ridiculously bright colours and nail art just wasn't going to hack it). So, with that in mind, I fell victim to a small impulse purchase on my lunch break and picked up a bottle of one of 17's latest shades, Glisten.

Duochrome polish has been bubbling under as a trend for a couple of years now - witness Accessorize's Aztec (which I have, and will blog about in future if I can) - but in the past couple of months it seems to have been picked up in a big way by brands such as 17 and Topshop. Most of the colours seem to be quite dark for some reason, which is why I like Glisten - it's a refreshing change to see this effect done in a paler polish.

As you can see from the photo, it's a peachy pink with gold shimmer in it, so depending on how it catches the light you'll get various different colours - I couldn't stop staring at my hand once I'd done it and kept twisting it in bizarre poses to get all the shades! It also applies really nicely - the picture above is with three coats, but I could quite easily have got away with one for a more sheer finish. Top coat is Seche Vite and base coat is Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment - I'm currently trying this out as my nails have been a bit rubbish lately so will report back.

Overall, this is a great spring/summer colour - pretty and casual, yet with just enough added interest from the shimmer. I'm expecting to wheel this out a lot in the next few months for those occasions when I need a nice classic polish but still want something with a twist.

If you fancy picking up a bottle of Glisten, it's £2.99 a bottle at Boots.

Beauty Review: OPI Last Friday Night

With the planned trip around the world getting closer (more on that soon - we should be booking it in the next few days), it's occurred to me that I need to start making use of my nail polishes before I go, as I'm probably going to have to sell them off to help raise money for the trip. As well as that, I also have a friend's Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding to go to in July, and have already started thinking about how I'm going to do my nails for it. Because I'm sad like that.

The outfit's mainly blue, so I was kind of thinking that I wanted blue nails, but I didn't know if I'd have the right blue in my collection as a lot of them were too dark, or too green. And then it hit me - lurking in my set of OPI Katy Perry minis was Last Friday Night, a pale blue glitter similar to OPI Teenage Dream, which I've blogged about before.

Like Teenage Dream, it's very much a building-up colour that can give different effects depending on how much of it you want to use. One coat gives a nice soft blue shimmer on a nude nail, whilst three will still give a nice subtle colour overall but with plenty of sparkle, as you can see below:

One of my policies for the Katy Perry polishes is to try them with black crackle - there are still loads of these on the market but I'm still sticking with my trusty Barry M version:

This is also with a coat of Seche Vite over the top. Apologies for the messiness, I did tidy them up afterwards though!

I think this is one where although the crackle gives it a cool, edgy look, I actually prefer it left as it is - the different sizes of glitter give it a nice effect when it moves, so you get different levels of shimmer. It would also look amazing layered over another shade of blue, like China Glaze Frostbite, but that's a manicure for another day...

The Katy Perry mini collection is probably only available on eBay now, but it cost me £12.15 to buy my set of four mini bottles. You may still be able to get some of the shades in bigger sizes for £10.50 a bottle from places like, John Lewis or Sally Salon Services. Barry M black crackle is still going strong and is available at Superdrug and Boots for £3.99 a bottle.