Beauty Review: OPI Nail Lacquer in Not Like The Movies

 Continuing my quest to try and photograph all the nail polishes I have before I head off travelling, I've decided to finally conclude my OPI Katy Perry collection mini-series. The fourth and final polish in the line is Not Like The Movies, a silvery-blue-green duochrome with fine silver shimmer.

One coat (on the left) gives the nails a lovely silvery sheen, three (on the right) builds up a more thorough coverage but again isn't too heavy, although I think anyone hoping it'll match the colour in the bottle will be disappointed. That's one of the things I've found with the Katy Perry polishes - with the exception of The One That Got Away I think you'd need a lot more than three coats to get anywhere near close to the shades and densities in the bottles. It actually has more of a pinky pearlescent sheen to it in these photos, rather than the blue-green you can clearly see in the bottle.

Of course it wouldn't be a Katy Perry manicure without the obligatory black crackle, so here's the polish with a layer of Barry M black crackle polish over the top and Seche Vite top coat (and apologies for the slightly dodgy edges!):
I am in two minds about whether or not I prefer this polish with the crackle or without - on the one hand the crackle gives it a really cool, funky, almost slightly space-age edge but at the same time because the silver colour is so delicate it feels like the crackle is almost too overwhelming on it. I think on balance whilst it was fun to try I'd probably just wear the silver shade on its own in future.

In terms of durability, it's OK but not great - I did this on Saturday, there was a small chip on one finger on Sunday and then today (Tuesday) there's a big chip on another finger. I've been having that problem lately with a few polishes and am wondering if it's my Seche Vite, so might pick up some Seche Restore in the next few days or so.

So, now I've tried all four polishes, overall I'd have to say this is a fab little set for anyone who's got a bit of a girly side but likes their manicure to have a bit of an edge, as well as for those who want something a bit more subtle. I loved all the colours but I think my favourite would have to be Teenage Dream (the pale pink glitter) as it's really easy to build it up to get the density you want and of the four looked best with the black crackle over the top.

Sadly the Katy Perry collection is now discontinued but you may be able to find some on eBay. Barry M black crackle polish is available in Boots and Superdrug for £3.99 a bottle, and Seche Vite is available from places like Sally Salon Services and for around £8.99 a bottle.

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