Beauty Review: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Mint Choc Chip

Continuing my aim to work through as many of my nail polishes as I can before I go travelling, I thought I'd tap into the pastel shades trend which has been dominating beauty counters all spring and seems likely to go on well into the summer. Boots' 17 range is great for dabbling with colours that might only be around for a season if you don't want to spend a fortune, and as I'm supposed to be saving up for going travelling in September it seemed like the perfect place to pick up one of these colours. I went for their Mint Choc Chip shade in the Lasting Finish line, which as the names suggest is a pale green polish designed to resist chips.

I have to say it did live up to its promise on the durability front - it lasted a whole five days before they were any chips, so well done Boots on that one. It is, however, not as it says on the tin in regards to the colour. Admittedly the picture above is with three coats which makes it look darker than it does in the bottle, but to be fair said three coats were necessary because otherwise it just came out streaky. That is something I'm finding to be pretty typical of pastel polishes though, and not just from cheaper brands like 17 (as my so far unsuccessful attempts to find a perfect yellow have shown).

Overall this is a really good polish if you're prepared to put in the time to get an opaque finish - it holds up really well and is a great colour for when you want to feel summery and a bit girly. The need for more coats to prevent streaking makes it look more like a Tiffany blue rather than a mint green, so I'd be intrigued to see what it looked like compared to a shade such as China Glaze's For Audrey.
If you fancy picking up a bottle the polish is £2.99 from Boots.

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