Beauty Review: Nails Inc Polish in Wimbledon

I love Wimbledon - both the village and the tennis tournament. It's years since I've been to either, although I'd love to go again, but I make a point of watching the tennis as much and as often as I can during those two weeks. So, with that in mind, it felt like the only colour to go for was Nails Inc's Wimbledon, a bright yellowy-green shade that reminds me of the Wimbledon grass after a fortnight's play.

As regular readers will know, yellow - and especially paler yellow - is a bugbear colour for me. I've tried a lot of different versions and formulas but they all seem to have the problem of needing a lot of coats to stop them looking patchy and streaky. Sadly I'm afraid to report Wimbledon was no exception - the pictures below took four coats, rather than my usual two or three. It also did the classic Nails Inc thing of going very 'gloopy' around the sides, even with less on the brush than I would normally use.

On the other hand, the durability was good (I did this on Wednesday and it made it until Saturday before the first tiny chip appeared - please excuse the dodgy edges from picking!), and it does have a lovely happy colour to it but looks a little less green on my fingers than it does in the bottle, although that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've got a couple of other yellow polishes that I'd be interested to see if it compared to, so I'll report back once I've tried and reviewed those. If you're prepared to put a little more effort than usual into the manicure and clean-up though this is definitely a keeper.

You can buy Wimbledon from the Nails Inc website at £11 a bottle.

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