I'm back!

I know. I am a rotten blogger - I promised you all exciting tales of my adventures going round the world and then was simply too busy to do it. But equally I missed having the blog; whilst I'm aware I'm hardly super-popular it's been nice having a place to put down my experiences and thoughts, and now I'm back on British soilI I'm hoping to yet again give it a kickstart. I wrote most days when I was away (either my journal, which has been great for recalling memories and kind of miss now, or my novel, more of which another time) and actually quite enjoyed getting into the habit, so am hoping that will give me the incentive to keep coming back to this place. I have also just booked myself a ticket to the Company magazine blogging forum to hopefully get some tips on how to improve; I expect I'll probably be the old fogey surrounded by scarily young bloggers who are far more adept at it than I, but hopefully it'll also be a great learning experience. And of course I'll do my best to blog afterwards.

I'll also be putting up a few posts from my travels under the tag of Where I Went - tips on packing, the best activities, food I loved etc - so you'll have those to look forward to, as well as trying to find ways to be productive when I'm not job-hunting. In an ideal world I'd like to do the following (and blog about it):

Get a job. Tallies so far - applications: around 15-20, interviews: 1. But it's progress, right?
Cook or bake one new thing every week
Try at least one new nail colour a week and one new beauty product a month (read: get through my stash because frankly it's ridiculous)
Watch at least one new TV show or movie a month - I can actually say I've got two blog posts on this coming up in the next week or so, so watch this space!
Read at least three books a month
Get into taking photos. I'd like to do Photo 365 if I can so will try and make a start on that this week
Complete Couch to 5K... well once my ankle has recovered (I went on my first run since coming home this morning and managed to twist it somehow, so it's pretty swollen at the moment... ouch)
Get rid of all the old clothes, CDs, DVDs, beauty products etc that are hanging around in my tiny flat and that I. Do. Not. Need. I have a huge box ready for Give and Make Up and two bags for the charity shop sitting by my front door, so by the end of this week they will hopefully be gone.

Oh, and because I have a horrible feeling I forgot to mention this at the time *oops* I've now been an engaged woman for almost a year :) Yep, the boyfriend - now fiance - of six years and I got engaged in June 2012 and I'm awaiting getting into full-on wedding planning mode from this autumn (we have a date of 1st November 2014 at a gorgeous old building in the city we met in). So there'll be the occasional post about my adventures in weddingland as well.

So... yeah. That's where I am right now, and hoping to be better. I'll check in here on the 11th of each month to let you know how I'm getting on, and will try and do weekly updates as well. Here goes nothing...

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