Red Door Cafe, Greenwich

At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I feel so lucky to live virtually on the doorstep of Greenwich Park and the maritime end of the borough. Getting up every morning at 6 AM to go for my morning run in the park (yes, I'm that person - more on the running another time. Let's just Zombies. Run! is awesome) is one of the highlights of my day, as are the walks along the river by the Royal Naval College or simply pottering around the awesome mix of well-stocked chain stores, quirky market stalls and fantastic independents, of which Red Door Cafe is one of the latter. I first discovered it a few weeks ago when out with a friend and we were looking for somewhere that wasn't a chain, and it drew us in with its quirky chalkboard and the promise of Monmouth coffee.

Admittedly the vintage mismatched thing is very popular right now, and it can feel incredibly contrived. Not here - just the charm of being presented with teapots perfectly sized for three cups and china that feels like it's been picked out because it's so lovely and individual rather than been bought in a job lot. I haven't had the coffee in there yet but it's Monmouth, which I'm informed is a very good blend, but the Earl Grey was fantastic. Ditto the lovely, lovely cake; I have never had a lemon drizzle cake with edible glitter in the icing before but it was an absolutely brilliant touch, as well as the amazing flavour of the cake. I am a huge fan of lemony things but it often falls into the territory of tasting too artificial, so I'm always a little wary of it. However, here it was perfect - lovely moist light sponge and the lemon was sharp without being overwhelming, offsetting the bergamot flavours in my tea wonderfully. Plus it has lovely comfy chairs and feels incredibly spacious, as well as friendly staff which is always the thing that makes me want to return to a place.

I really can't sing the praises of the Red Door highly enough - just the most wonderful, quirky little place and excellent for whiling away a Sunday afternoon. It is an absolute little gem and I'm eternally grateful to my friend for suggesting we go in there - if it wasn't for her I never would have bothered with it, but now I've found a definite favourite for my jaunts into Greenwich.

You can find Red Door Cafe, and its attached gallery and shop, at 10 Turpin Lane, SE10 9JA, squirreled away in the side entrance to Greenwich market behind Joy.

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