Beauty Review: Essie Tea & Crumpets

In order to mark the first nail post since coming back, I thought I'd write about the polish I wore pretty much constantly for the last half of my trip (mainly because it was the only one I actually had!), but also because it has sentimental value - it was a Christmas present from my eldest sister. The polish in question is Essie Tea & Crumpets, which the website describes as 'Impeccably proper. Quintessentially English. Get suitably attired in this subtle and frosted beige for a manicure that’s the perfect cup of tea'. I couldn't have put it better myself, other than that I think in the right light it looks more like an oyster pink.

I've blogged about Essie polishes before but once again I have to sing their praises. First off, the brushes are the best nail polish brushes I have ever come across - lovely rounded bristles that fan out beautifully at the base of the nail rather than the horrible squareness you so often get, and they hold just the right amount of polish so it's not too gloopy but equally doesn't go thin and streaky. Secondly, the polish itself has a really lovely consistency, very light and yet with fantastic coverage. I've used two coats in this picture, though I could quite easily have got away with one, and although there are some slight brush marks in the polish I'm pretty sure that's to do with the fact it's a paler colour rather than anything to do with the polish. And finally, the colour. It is a true girly classic and one of those colours that will go with everything - smart outfits for work, a pretty dress on an evening out, whatever you want, because it's such a beautiful polish. I think it's also a fantastic one if you've got a penchant for flashy rings or bracelets as it won't fight with them. Heck, I know it's not for months yet but *whispers* I'm even thinking about wearing it for my wedding.

Overall, a brilliant polish that I absolutely love - multifunctional, great texture and consistency, fantastic brush and lovely colour. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks, sis!

You can buy Tea & Crumpets at Boots and Superdrug for £7.99 a bottle, along with the rest of the Essie range.

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