Beauty Review: OPI Pink Flamenco

Yet again, I've been shopping in my nail polish stash as I endeavour to get the box cleared out and narrowed down to ones that I'll get the most use of and that I like the best. OK, that's a lie - the actual reason is because I want to buy new ones, but I'm being very strict with myself and not letting myself get any more until I get rid of some of the ones I've got!

So I did what anyone else would do when narrowing down their polish stash - I reached into my nail polish box, rummaged around a bit and went for the first one I pulled out, which was OPI's Pink Flamenco. Like a lot of my polishes, it's one that I've worn a couple of times but hadn't blogged about so thought it was a perfect pick for the blog, especially as (unlike a lot of the ones I write about, I know) you can still get it!

I'm trying a couple of new ideas for the pictures so you can get the best idea of what the polish looks like; I really like it against the white background, or the wooden one I've used before. (Oh, that's my engagement ring in the one on the right, by the way. First wedding post coming soon!) Surprisingly the one on the left, which made the polish look really when I took it, has actually come out quite well. Now the weather is hopefully starting to improve a bit - well it was before I no doubt jinxed it by saying that - I may also try taking some pictures outside using the brick walls all around our flat or the grass on the heath.

The first thing I have to say is I love, love, love the colour. It's just so bright and fun but is actually the kind of thing that would go great with lots of different things. I've worn it with a beautiful willow-pattern dress for a wedding, but equally it would work really well as a nice pop of colour with a little black dress or a monochrome outfit, or to girlify a rockier outfit.

Application was OK but a bit messy. The photos are post-tidy up so they actually look quite neat, but I did have to get seriously busy with the cotton buds to make them look like they hadn't been done by a five-year-old. Admittedly I'm not sure if that's because it's an old polish, so I've put a few drops of Seche Restore in there to see if that improves it.

The other thing I really like about this polish is it lasted really well. I did this manicure on Thursday afternoon and wrote most of this post on Saturday afternoon, by which point there was a little bit of tip wear. The first small chip appeared on Sunday night but it was minimal - I think the polish could have hung on for a couple of days longer before there was any truly significant damage. A small warning though - it did need a fair bit of scrubbing to get the last bits off. And this appears to be proof that Seche Restore works; I mixed a full pipette's worth into my Seche Vite and this is the best it's lasted in forever. So that's money I don't have to spend on a new top coat, at least for a while :)

Overall verdict: I really like this. It's a really versatile colour, applies well, lasts for ages and is all around a great quality polish. Can't recommend it enough.

If you fancy picking up a bottle, Pink Flamenco is available pretty widely at around £11.50 for a 15ml bottle - try John Lewis (not on the website but certainly the Oxford Street store stocks it), Sally Salon Services (again not on the website but check in store) or

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