An update on my goals

I'm aware that I promised a monthly goals update post when I came back to the UK in May, and didn't do it for June or July, so this is the update for those last two months...

Get a job
This has been moderately successful. I'm currently two weeks into a six week temp placement as a PA/administrator so at least I have money coming in, and I've had quite a few interviews since I last posted. Sadly most of them have been unsuccessful (at the time of writing I'm still waiting to hear back from four - two of which are about second rounds the week after next - and have one next week) but I've still got a few things on the go so hopefully something will come of that. Depending how the placement goes the PA thing is something I might consider doing in the future. I do like working in media relations but equally the organisation side of things and being able to have that close working relationship with someone is something I really enjoyed about my old job, when I was in a tiny comms team and it was me and the head of department, so effectively I was her PA. But we'll see how it goes...

Cook or bake something new every week
Big fat fail on this one I'm afraid! I know it's a lame excuse but job hunting really does take over your life, and so I haven't really had time to do this. However now I'm back in work, and starting to get sick of cheese sandwiches but not wanting to spend money on shop-bought lunches, I'm going to get back on the nice lunch wagon. I got paid yesterday (yay!) so tomorrow will head over to Tesco armed with a couple of recipe ideas and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to put some photos of things I've made up for you :)

Reduce the beauty product stash
Now this one I'm pleased to say has gone well. I started seriously doing this as a challenge on the 28th June, when I had 138 products in my stash, and I'm now down to 132 in just over a month. That includes a spend of £11.54 on a hair oil, cotton buds and a face wash. The goal is to not buy any new toiletries until I've used up the ones I've got and don't want to keep, so I'm thinking I'm doing all right so far! The only thing is I haven't really been able to try any new nail colours with having lots of interviews, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks that should calm down as I'm not applying to anything now until I've finished the placement.

Read three books a month
Yet again interviews have put this on hold, because my bedtime reading has been replaced by interview notes. And Middlemarch is long. But I am slowly working my way through it, and really not finding it all that bad after the horror stories my uni coursemates told me about it! I'm aiming to get it read by the end of the month and will hopefully do a review in the next few weeks. Thankfully the next few books I have to read are a lot shorter and easier so hopefully I'll be more able to achieve the goal next month.

Taking photos
Still haven't started on this I'm afraid. I think part of what's putting me off is the pressure that my photos should look perfect - every time I go on Twitter it's all Instagram and these amazing shots and I feel a bit like there's not much point because mine won't look like that. Which I know is silly and I should just get out there and do it, so starting today I'm going to restart this challenge and try and take a photo every day, even if they're not brilliant. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Complete Zombies, Run! 5K
I'm still sticking with this and so far I think it's going OK. Admittedly I had a week off last week because I was away at the weekend and swamped by interview prep, and I'm not necessarily as fast as I was, so I'm thinking I might redo one of the weeks before I started to struggle to help build myself back up and then just keep going. Admittedly distance rather than speed is the goal, and I feel OK about that, but I'd like to be a little bit faster. So we'll see how I get on.

Clearing out my flat
Happy to say this is pretty much done! OH and I took a big load of clothes to the charity shop the other week and managed to get around £35 for the bag of DVDs and games we sold, so that's a good start. Next step is actually posting the Give and Make Up box that's under my bed and rapidly filling up with stuff to give away and going through my CDs to see what else I can sell.

So, it's been a bit of a mixed two months - wins on the clearing and the gainful employment, less so on the photos and the reading. So the goal for August is to keep on keeping on (or, in some cases, starting). I'll keep you posted with another update in September.

Do you set yourself personal goals for what you want to achieve in a month? What kinds of goals are they? And how do you motivate yourself to achieve them?

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