What I Wish I Wore: Autumn/Winter Top Six

I always get much more excited for the autumn/winter collections than I do for spring/summer. I don't know if that's my heritage coming into play - I grew up in the north of England, which is normally pretty cold and wet, so spent my childhood and teenage years wearing winter clothes most of the year anyway - but there's something about the possibility of being able to buy jumpers and coats and boots and woolly accessories that makes me so much more enthusiastic than looking at shorts and sandals.

Most of the magazines have now published their September issues, which means lots of lovely new AW things to drool over (there's a dress from Oasis I'm already eyeing up!), and the collections are already starting to creep into shops too. I went to Westfield yesterday and the big trends seemed to be all shades of red, lots of royal and navy blue, leopard print and lace, all of which are Very Good Things. But there are some pieces I've had my eye on for a little while now which will be key for my look in the next few months. So without further ado, here's my Autumn/Winter Top Six!

Apologies there aren't pictures for all of them by the way - quite a few websites have that zoom function thing where basically you can't select a photo. But please do click the links and take a look, I promise they're worth it!
1. Gatsby Patent Heels (Schuh, £20 down from £50)
The shoes that inspired this whole post! I spotted these weeks ago and fell in love, because I am a sucker for Mary-Janes and love pairing them with my various dresses and tights for outfits that mean I can go straight from work to a night out if needed. However, at £50, and already in possession of a pair of serviceable if slightly falling apart Mary-Janes that I've had for years, they were far too much. And then they went down. And down again. And before I knew it they were selling out, and I had to buy them or they'd be gone for ever! So they were a bit of an impulse purchase, but I think a brilliant one as they'll go with so many things I already have, and that's something I tend to look for in my shoes. They only have size 3s left on the website though so if you want to get your hands on a pair of these then get in there quick!

2. Holly Willoughby Tartan Frill Hem Dress (Very, £55)
I love, love, love this. I just think it's a really great winter dress as it looks lovely and warm, but the grey colour means it's still smart enough for work or for a night out (Christmas party anyone?). Yes £55 is a lot of money, but for something like this that could go anywhere and would have a life for many winters to come I think that's worth it. I've already got my eye on this for Christmas - this year we're off to the nice hotel near my parents' house for a big lunch with all my dad's side of the family, and as my aunties and female cousins on that side are all very glamorous (as are my mum and sisters) I need to pull out all the stops! So I'm thinking if I invest in this I'll put it with black or lace tights and the patent Mary-Janes, and possibly rock out a bright lip such as Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy.

3. Monochrome Check Dress (New Look, £23)
I first spotted this on the lovely Chelsey Prentice's blog Fashionista on a Budget and thought it was a great piece that would be really transferable between seasons - for example now you could wear it on a warmer day with a black cardigan and ballet flats, and then once it gets colder I'll put it with a long sleeved black top underneath, tights and (you guessed it) my patent Mary-Janes. I'd rock it either with black eyeliner and big long eyelashes, or with a slash of red lipstick to add a dash of colour, and finish off with my old Topshop black and white spotty Alice band.

4. Leather Turnlock Handbag (Cath Kidston, £95)
I know, I know, it's crazy expensive, but for a classic handbag that will go everywhere and (hopefully) last for years, I think this is definitely worth the investment. It's also not too 'showy' as well which I like - Cath Kidston has some lovely things but often it is very clear where you've bought it from, whereas you'd have to get very close up to that to know it was from there. I am not a handbags girl so for me it's really important to have one bag that I can grab and take with me wherever I'm going, and this bag certainly ticks that box!

5. Peter Pan Collar Skater Dress (M&S, £49.50)
Even working in relatively casual environments, like I do, sometimes you need a smart dress and this definitely ticks all the boxes. It's the kind of shape I normally go for - fitted top half, flared skirt - and I like the detachable collar as well, meaning you can wash it with the whites and it won't end up going grey. It's a fantastic little dress for those days when you need something a bit smarter and I can imagine it working well for lots of different things like interviews and big meetings as well as going from work to meet friends for drinks or dinner.

6. Funnel Neck Double Breasted Coat (M&S, £49.50)
There's something inherently cheerful about a red coat for winter, as a little pop of colour in the world at what can be a drab and dreary time, and this is just perfect. I love the fact that it's petite - so often I find coats I love but then the sleeves are too long or the waist is in the wrong place on 5'3" me. Plus the classic shape and style means that it's something I would have for ages. Not surprisingly it's sold out in almost every size, probably in no small part due to the fact that this is the coat Tracy Emin wears in the new ad campaign which has been all over the internet in the last week, but I'm really hoping M&S get it back in based on its popularity so far!

So that's the top six for my AW13 wish list :) I've bought the shoes and the New Look dress already, and am saving money for the Very dress for Christmas, but the others might have to just stay as wishes. Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

What pieces are you loving for autumn/winter? How do you feel about the trends for the coming season? Are there any shops that you think have particularly great clothes in at the moment? Leave a comment and let me know!

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