September goals update

Welcome to my September goals update! For any of you who may be new to my blog, this is the latest in a series of posts about various goals I set myself and my attempts to go about achieving them. I've been a little sporadic about posting updates I must admit but you can find all my previous posts on the topic here. I'm afraid this month hasn't been very successful though...

Get a job
I'm starting the month with a goal crossed off the list, because I got one! Yes you read that right, I've been offered a job working as a PR officer for a business charity on their workplace diversity campaign. It's based in central north London and is permanent, which is a definite bonus as all my previous jobs have been rolling temporary contracts, so having that extra bit of security is really nice. It finally means I can relax a little bit and start making serious plans for the future, such as buying a flat with my OH. I'm nervous as it's not a sector I've got prior experience of, but equally very excited about the prospect of a new challenge and the opportunity to learn some new skills, so I'll keep you posted on how I get on. I start a week today and I cannot wait!

Cook or bake something new every week
Again, I'm afraid I haven't done this at all *blushes* I know I said this last time round but the fact my new job's so busy and I'm coming home knackered means I can't think much beyond cheese sandwiches and cereal bars for lunch. Plus I think a lot of it is about fear - my OH, who likes cooking, occasionally complains I don't do it enough, but the truth is I'm not great at cooking for other people. In the two times I've cooked for him, I oversalted a red wine sauce, undercooked egg in a carbonara and burnt my arm on the oven trying to warm plates (that was five years ago and I've still got the scar). I could easily feed myself with home-made meals when I was at uni but I think it's a different pressure when you're cooking for someone else - you want them to like it, you want it to taste nice and you don't want to mess it up or potentially make them ill. But once I'm in the new job I'll start making my own lunches again. Baby steps and all that.

Reduce the beauty product stash
So, at the beginning of August I was on 132 products, and I'm now down to 130 through adding some shampoo and conditioner to my box to give away and finishing off a night cream, a face wash, hairspray and a deodorant, but equally I was replacing things as I went. I've got quite a lot of splutterers though, such as my moisturiser, so I'm hoping I'll be able to report back next month with a bit more progress. The thing with challenges like this is that everything seems to come at once - you have months where you use up very little and then three things will go in a week! But at least the numbers are still going down, so I'm happy with that.

Read three books a month 
OK, so this didn't happen either. I did however manage to finish Middlemarch - review coming soon - and have started on Talk to the Tail, which is a book of short non-fiction pieces by Tom Cox, he of the utterly adorable My Sad Cat Twitter feed. (If you don't have it already, I suggest you have a look - it's one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.) So far it's really good as a nice quick read, especially for a lifelong animal lover like myself, and I'll do a review in the next couple of weeks. After that it'll be on to Tess of the D'Urbervilles, which I've had on my Kindle for ages, but am slightly apprehensive about (not least because Fifty Shades of Grey is littered with references to it. Yes, I read it. I was bored and curious. What?). But we'll see...

Taking photos
I think it's safe to say I started well and finished poorly. I did get an Instagram account at last and actually really enjoyed playing around with the various different settings, including getting some very cool pictures, but I ran out of steam after about a week because I either didn't see interesting things, or tried too hard to do the thing of taking photos in advance and then forgot to post them. So I'm starting again this month, with a goal of taking a picture every day, no matter how mundane. If I can keep it going for at least 30 days, then hopefully that'll give me the incentive to carry on. And at least it's an improvement on the previous month...

Complete Zombies, Run! 5K
It was all going so well... I got to thr end of week four and was doing OK, then had an absolutely disastrous week five where I felt like I was going to be sick on all three runs (sorry) and at one point like I was going to pass out, so my pace dropped horrifically, and since then work's taken up so much of my time I haven't really had the chance to go running much. However I'm hoping to get out this weekend for a fairly relaxed run following my usual route - no podcast, just whacking on some music and getting out there, and then see where I'm at.

Clearing out my flat
Very very nearly done! I had a big blitz of copying my CDs to iTunes over the last couple of weekends, so now I'm just waiting to see if they sell on PlayTrade. I think I'll give it a month or so and then if it doesn't happen send them off to MusicMagpie - no doubt I'll get very little for them but at least it reduces clutter (and, more crucially, clears space on the DVD shelf). And then I think that's it :)

And finally, with the 'get a job' goal successfully achieved and the flat clearing almost complete, I'm going to add two new ones to the list:

Get serious about blogging
This is something that could take lots of different forms, so my first steps in this are pretty simple: blog at least three times a week, and take part in at least one blogger chat a week. I have to admit I find the blogging community a little bit of a scary place - it's a bit like being the new kid at school when everyone knows everyone else, but the bloggers I've met and spoken to on Twitter are a lovely bunch so I'm hoping getting involved in more chats will help me to feel a little bit more comfortable. Eventually, I'd like to work up towards doing some meets and (more) events, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Start the wedding planning
We have a date and a venue, but not much beyond that, and I'm aware time's starting to tick away so I need to crack on. The main goals this month are finally, finally speak to my mum about the budget and start looking at suppliers - I'm going to a wedding fair at the venue in October so hopefully will be able to chat to people there as a start. Already I can tell I'm going to be overwhelmed though, there are so many lovely photographers/florists/cake-makers etc but it's as much about the personality as it is the work, so we'll see how that goes...

Did you set yourself any goals for August? How did you get on? Have you got any goals you want to achieve this autumn? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!


  1. Great list of goals! Also congratz on getting a job, great news!

    Lorraine x

    1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for the comment and the congratulations! I find putting the goals on my blog really motivating, if I know people are reading it motivates me to get on with it :)

      Love your blog too, especially the haul post - Lee Stafford stuff is really good so I hope you enjoy it!