Restaurant Review: Chipotle

St. Martin's Lane, last Friday night, 8.30ish
Guy behind the counter at Chipotle: 'Is it your first time here?'
Me (thinking he's going to offer me some kind of loyalty card or something): 'Ye-es...'
GBTC: 'Then it's on the house.'
Me (slightly disbelieving, expecting some sort of catch): 'Really?'
GBTC: 'Yep.'
Me (pleasantly surprised): 'Oh, OK. Thanks!'

That 30-second conversation warrants a blog post all of its own, no? And the burrito was pretty good too...

In true keeping with my habit of being behind the times, today I'm blogging about Chipotle, one of the many burrito chains that have appeared across London in recent months. This time last year, the burrito was to the London fast food scene what the burger is now, and has actually managed to hold on to its popularity. Not surprisingly to be honest - they're filling and incredibly cheap. I'd tried Benito's Hat before and really rather liked it, but hadn't been to Chipotle, so when a massive queue at Five Guys put a spanner in that works we decided to go there instead.

And it was worth it. I ordered the burrito with braised carnitas, brown coriander-lime rice, black beans, roasted tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream. On hindsight, this was probably a little on the watery side which didn't help the integrity of the burrito, but you've got to love a burrito place that gives you your food in little baskets so you can actually eat it without it splurting everywhere (I get that this is part of the point but sometimes I want to be able to eat my dinner and not get it all over my hands). But it was an utterly delicious burrito - lovely flavours from the meat, whilst the rice and beans added bulk and bolstered the flavour by mixing loads of different herbs and spices into the flavour that just gave it a little lift whilst the dairy added coolness. Plus, despite my going for the milder meat and salsa combo there was still just enough spice to give it a bit of a kick, which I really loved.

Overall, this was a great speedy dinner - satisfying but not overly filling, lots of different flavours working well together rather than fighting each other and threatening to become overwhelmingly, and really well priced at around £6 a time after your first visit. Definitely recommended for a quick lunch or post-pub snack if you're out and about in that end of town (most of Chipotle's six London branches are concentrated around Covent Garden and Oxford Street, though there's also one in Islington and one in Wimbledon).

Do you like burritos? What's your favourite flavour combo? Have you been to Chipotle? What did you think? Or is there another burrito place you prefer? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!

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