Beauty Review: Ciate Mojito

As the autumn clothes start coming into shops, my thoughts are turning to autumn make-up colours (I'm very excited that lips - bright or vampy - are going to be a big thing as I suck at eye make-up) and nail polishes. So far signs look good for this year; there were some lovely shades in both Essie and OPI's fall collections. However, as I'm still on my 'no buying any new nail polishes until I try all the ones I already have' rule, I'm having to hold off for the time being and shop my stash instead. So, with the turning season in mind, I picked a polish with a summery name but that seems like a potentially great autumn shade - Ciate Mojito.

Top coat is Seche Vite as always. Apologies for the photos, they haven't come out all that well - I don't know why but they look much more like a grass green in those shots than the acid green they are on my hands. Let me know what you think of taking this against the wall by the way! I'm trying out some new backgrounds for my nail posts as I've mentioned but always happy to get feedback.

I really, really like this colour. I'm a big fan of greens anyway but these types of acid greens are a particular favourite - I love the way that they sit alongside my leather jacket in the shot on the left to add to the edginess and jar slightly with the black, in a similar way that I like wearing bright neon shoes with black dresses and tights. It'd be a particularly good polish for Halloween, especially if you're doing a costume like a witch for example. The polish also has a really good brush that covers the nail very well and deposits a good amount of colour, although slightly annoyingly the glue that sticks the brush into the lid had melted so when I took the lid off the brush was still stuck in the polish! Thankfully I managed to fix it but it was slightly messy...

In terms of the formula, this was OK if a little bit on the thin side, and there was a little bit of staining when I took one nail off to correct it. It also wasn't very opaque on first application. I had to do three coats before the nail wasn't showing through but I think that's par for the course with a polish in this kind of colour - anyone who's read my various posts about yellow polishes will know of my woes in this area! So I don't necessarily mind having to do three coats in this instance. Durability-wise it's held up really well -I did this on Sunday morning and the first minor chips appeared on Friday morning, so very impressed with that.

Overall: Great colour, decent formula, just a shame about the brush breaking! But definitely worth a try if you're into your bright greens. This is the only Ciate polish I currently own but if they're all like this I'll definitely be looking into getting some more. Plus they have the cutest bottles as well - I love the little bows!

If you'd like to try Mojito it's available on at £9 for a 13.5ml bottle - so a little more expensive than the likes of Essie and a little bit cheaper than OPI, which I think for the quality is quite reasonable.

Do you like green nail polish? What's your favourite - do you prefer a dark green or a bright neon? And which autumn make-up trends and colours are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!


  1. such a beaut bright colour for autumn!Always find Ciate polishes need a few coats too -such a thin formula! xoxoxox

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment! I agree, it's a gorgeous colour to brighten up drab autumn days :) Also thanks for mentioning that the thinness is a 'thing' with Ciate polishes, good to know for the future if I get any more (if a bit disappointing for something at the pricier end of the spectrum...)