Beauty Review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser

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Another day, another Neutrogena moisturiser post - today I'm writing about their Visibly Clear range, which is designed to tackle breakouts. The line has been around for several years now but last year they released an update in the form of their Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit set, which includes a scrub, a face wash and this moisturiser. As I've been having really rubbish skin since coming back from travelling (don't ask me why, it was four months ago now and I'm still getting breakouts!) I thought this might help to tackle the problem.

First thing is that I really like the packaging - it's functional but still looks good on a shelf, which is always something I like. I tend to be a bit suspicious of fancy packaging as it suggests more money's gone into that than the product but with this one it looks like something that works. It also has a surprisingly nice smell, which often a lot of these products don't as they can end up being a bit chemically, whereas this one was really clean and fresh-smelling. But, of course, the main question was: Did it work?

In terms of texture, it's not the thickest of moisturisers but it's not too thin either, although I did find I needed a little bit extra to spread over my face and neck as the normal amount I'd use didn't quite cover my whole face. However it did sink in quickly but also left my skin feeling moisturised throughout the day and overnight, so in that regard it definitely worked! I also felt it worked really well at keeping my skin clear - though it didn't actually fight my spots (but then I don't expect a moisturiser to do that, that's what cleanser and to a lesser extent serum is for), it did seem to prevent any new ones appearing.

Overall, I really liked this product. It smelt nice and it worked well - not too heavy so equally good in the day as at night, but moisturising enough that it would work well as a winter moisturiser as much as it would in the summer. And it works to prevent spots, which in an oil-free moisturiser is pretty much exactly what you need it to do. Definitely one I'd buy again.

If you'd like to try Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit moisturiser, it's available at Superdrug and Boots. It's normally priced at £4.99 for a 50ml tube, which considering how long it lasts I think is very reasonable, although Boots is currently offering it for £3.33 so get in there quick if you fancy picking some up on the cheap!

Have you tried any Neutrogena skincare products? What did you think of them? And what's your favourite facial moisturiser for the autumn months? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!

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