Beauty Review: OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress

I have way, way too many nail polishes, but still have the urge to buy more. I'm the kind of person who goes to Boots and stares wistfully at the shelves, looking at all the pretty colours, and then putting them back with a sigh. But that makes 'shopping my stash' more fun, because I'm trying to get through all the polishes in my nail box so I can buy some lovely new ones! So today, I wanted to show you one of my favourite polishes: OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress, a beautiful deep red.

Please let me know what you think of my taking the photo on the book - I'm experimenting a bit with my pictures of my nail polishes at the moment so any feedback is vastly appreciated! (Also thanks to Sophia at TattooedTealady who gave me the idea!)

I really, really love this polish as it's a truly classic colour that goes with loads of different things. It's particularly great if you work somewhere where you have to be quite corporate as it allows you to inject a little bit of colour into your outfit. I wore it earlier this week to a work event and it was perfect with my black dress, but also went well with more casual clothes at the weekend. It also applied really well, with the brush covering most of the nail and very little tidy-up needed at the edges - great for me as I'm quite messy when it comes to doing my nails! I have banged on before about how much I love OPI brushes as they're shaped to cover the nail properly whereas lots of other brands have thinner brushes that don't give proper coverage.

The polish had excellent opacity - I used two coats to get full coverage but could probably have got away with one, which again makes this a great polish if you need to do a quick manicure. Finally, it lasted really well. I applied it Saturday morning and although there was a bit of tip wear over the next couple of days (mainly due to lots of typing) it didn't actually chip until Wednesday, so I think that's pretty good going! The one downside was it did stain my nails a little bit even with but that had faded within a couple of days. Plus I think it's partly as my base coat's going a bit dodgy, so I'll buy a new one soon and see if that shows any improvements.

Fancy trying this polish? You could win a bottle in my 100th Post Giveaway! Just click on the tab at the top of the page to enter :) Or alternatively it's available at branches of John Lewis, Sally's or Lookfantastic for around £11 a bottle, which although it's at the top end of my nail budget is something I'm very happy to spend for such a classic shade.

Have you tried I'm Not Really A Waitress or any other OPI polishes? What's your favourite red polish? And what colours are you wearing on your nails this autumn? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!


  1. Pretty color! I think it's kind of an OPI classic, but I've never tried it.

    1. Hi Bryn, thanks for your comment!

      You should definitely try it if you can - it goes with loads of stuff and the formula's great too. I'm not normally one for keeping my nail polishes as I'm quite finicky about colours, but this is definitely one I want to hang on to!