What I Wish I Wore: Emmys Red Carpet

First off, I'm sorry the post is so late today - I ended up going for impromptu Nando's with N and our friend M who we haven't seen in ages and didn't have time to finish it before I went out!

I have to admit I was really stumped for what to blog about today. I've been enjoying Blog Your Socks Off September but as it gets to the end of the month it's becoming increasingly difficult to think of new things to write about! I had lots of ideas but it was all things that needed a few days (in part because I'm a bit funny about posting two things on the same topic next to each other and all I had written down were beauty posts!) or things I need to finish before I can blog about them.
And then, as I was flicking through the news sites at work this morning, it hit me: The Emmys were last night! They have pretty dresses! I haven't written a fashion post in ages! So it made sense to blog about my favourite dresses from the red carpet. I have to admit it was so, so hard to narrow this down - I ended up having to write reviews of each outfit and then whittle out the ones I didn't love - but these are my top six:
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Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren
Love, love, love this. I am a sucker for bright blue anyway but the lovely simple shape of this made it an absolute winner for me. Really liking the hair and gold bracelets too - they add nice details but equally don't fight with the dress too much.

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Elisabeth Moss in Andrew Gn
Another favourite of mine, mainly because black, white and red is a classic combination and very on-trend right now. Again, I love the shape and think it works really well on her - it's a lovely classic line but she doesn't look swamped in it. Plus it looks sparkly, which is always a good thing in a dress like this - you need some extra little detail to amp it up. I like the shot of colour from the handbag too (although it does clash with her nails slightly).

Jennifer Westfeldt
Memo to Claire Danes: this is how to do a plunging neckline. She looks great! It's all very simple and pared down - straight hair, natural make-up, black accessories - and so the dress is centre stage. It's clingy, yes, but it's not slutty, and the colour is absolutely beautiful on her. A definite favourite. I'm also loving John Hamm rocking his Sean Connery in Goldfinger-esque white tux jacket; it was nice to see a change from most of the other actors who were just in normal black suits.

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Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham
I love a girl who gets her tattoos out on the red carpet. The dress is absolutely gorgeous on her - beautiful colour, lovely shape, sexy but not too on-show, and nice shoulder details. It's girly and rocky at the same time and I love it. Plus the fact she looks so happy just makes this whole look.

Image source
Michelle Dockery in Prada 
Just utterly gorgeous. Love the bow at the back of the neck (I am a sucker for these types of looks) and the beautiful two-tone autumnal colours in the dress - on a red carpet with so much blush pink and white it was really nice to see someone going for more seasonal shades. I like the fact she's kept her hair and make up really simple too.
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Melissa Rauch in Ruben Singer
Firstly, it was really nice to see someone in a dress that wasn't red, blue or pale pink! I am a big fan of that Cadbury purple shade anyway so this was already a winner for me. Love her contrasting turquoise earrings and ring too. Secondly, the shape of the dress is absolutely gorgeous - it's a very classic line and I love the way it's pulled in at the waist, but equally the slightly alternative take on the strapless neckline gives it a cool edge. Finally, once again there's a very simple approach with the hair and make-up, meaning the dress takes centre stage. I absolutely adore this look - in fact I'd go so far as to say this is my favourite. Saving the best for last!

Honourable mentions for:
Lena Dunham in Prada (mainly for her awesome hair and eye make-up)
I also think I'm possibly the only person who didn't think Zosia Mamet's dress was that bad. It was unusual, certainly, but I actually quite liked the Impressionist-style watercolour floral print in the skirt and the top half of it worked quite well overall. 

It was interesting to see the trends coming out of the red carpet - there was a lot of blue, a little bit of red, and a lot of blush pink but also plenty of sparkle. Hip detailin and peplums were also a trend, as were plunging necklines (in some cases, such as Cat Deeley, on the same dress. Hmmm.), although equally a lot of celebrities seemed to go for higher necklines. Boxy clutch handbags were also a big thing, as were smoky eyes in black or brown - or, in Lena Dunham's case, teal green to match her dress - and simple hair, either slicked back into ponytails or very lightly curled.

I was actually really surprised how many of the HBO after-party dresses I preferred to the red carpet dresses - Claire Danes' butterfly dress, for instance, was so much nicer and more flattering than her ceremony dress. On the other hand, there were also the likes of Kiernan Shipka, Elisabeth Moss and Michelle Dockery, who pulled it off both at the ceremony and the party afterwards.

Did you watch the Emmys? What did you think of the dresses? Did you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!


  1. I didn't watch the Emmys but I know what you mean about running out of topics for #BlogYourSocksOff September - only a few more days to go though! :-) x

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!

      Running out of stuff to write about has been one of my biggest fears so I'm glad there's not too much longer to go now! I've got enough ideas to get me to the end of the month I think, but just needed something to fill the gap between beauty posts. How are you finding #BlogYourSocksOffSeptember?