What I Wish I Wore: Top Six AW13 Jumpers

I was going to include jumpers as part of my Autumn/Winter Wish List post from the other day, but after investigating further I decided that there were too many I loved out there this year, and they would therefore need a whole blog post to themselves!

Jumpers are one of my favourite thing about the turning of the seasons. There's just something so lovely about waking up to a grey cold day, opening your wardrobe and pulling out a warm cosy snuggly jumper with an awesome print on the front of it, along with jeans or a skirt and boots, then eating a hearty bowl of Shreddies for breakfast, wrapping up warm in my coat and scarf and skipping off to wherever I'm going that day.

OK, enough with the manic pixie dream girl fantasies (though I suspect manic pixie dream girls don't eat Tesco own-brand cereal). But seriously, jumpers are great. They're comfortable, they go with lots of different things, and their appearance in the shops is a true sign that the weather is finally changing.

In terms of where I get my jumpers, for work I like Zara - who in previous years have done a fabulous range of plain scoop neck jumpers that go really well with my patterned skirts and black tights - and for fun I like... well, wherever there are good jumpers to be had! At the moment my particular favourite is a grey Henry Holland for Debenhams jumper with leopard print sleeves and a leopard's head on one shoulder. But this year, there are some seriously awesome jumpers out there, so I wanted to share my six favourites with you. In a slightly frustrating fashion I'm only able to post links to most of these rather than actual photos (darn you zoom function!) but please do click them and take a look - I promise you won't regret it.

 1. Myleene Klass Dice Jumper (Very, £29)
One word: Red. I love bright colours, especially for tops, but I think if you went through my wardrobe you'd find a lot of red clothes. Plus it's a huge trend for AW13, especially paired with black and white. So with that in mind, this is a perfect jumper for me. I love the print as well - it echoes back to Topshop AW08, which was one of my favourite winter ranges ever, so it's perfect for me. I can see myself rocking this with black skinny jeans and my awesome Topshop ankle boots that I bought last year, or at work in a more casual office setting with a black pencil skirt and Mary-Janes.

2.  Ivory Sequin Raglan Sweater (Dorothy Perkins, £24)
This just screams Christmas jumper to me - there's something about the creamy colour that makes it seem perfect for wrapping presents on Christmas Eve or hanging out with the family on Boxing Day, with indigo jeans and flat boots to go with the relaxed vibe of the season. I love the sequin detail on the shoulder as well as it adds a really nice touch to something that could otherwise have been quite a plain jumper. Plus there's nothing wrong with a bit of extra sparkle in your life in the winter!

3. Squirrel Print Jumper (Marks and Spencer, £29.50)
 I am a sucker for anything with animals on it, so this jumper would make an absolutely perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. From the beautiful olive green colour to the quirky squirrel print, I just love everything about it. Again it's one for crisp days to pair with jeans or a denim skirt and boots, and would be great for something like visiting family members or a casual pub lunch with friends. Sadly it's sold out in my size so I'm hoping M&S get it back in, as it's so me and I'd love to add it to my jumper collection!

4. Marsha Intarsia Fox Jumper (Joules, £69.95)
I know, I know - £70 for a jumper?! If I end up with this it'll either be an incredibly generous birthday/Christmas gift or because it went in the sale. But hey, this is What I Wish I Wore - I can dream right? Plus, it's a fox. In a frock coat. What is not to love about that? Like the M&S squirrel jumper, this is perfect for a chilly autumn day, worn with jeans or a skirt (denim or a ditsy floral print perhaps) and flat brown boots. I can see myself wearing this for a bracing walk to a country pub and then having a hot meal and a pint next to a roaring fire. I really like the red trim on one sleeve as well, just to add that extra point of difference.

5. Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper (Joy, £45)
I think it's becoming pretty obvious from this post that I like both quirk and animal graphics, and this one certainly fits in that category. I have an awesome bright blue Louche jumper with a corgi on it that I bought at the time of the royal wedding that I absolutely love, so I'm pleased to say they're good quality products if a little on the expensive side so it's worth waiting for the sales. That said, I'm not sure this cat jumper will make it in there, because it's just too cute! There's just something so awesome about a cat wearing glasses and I like the slightly more unusual shade of green (though it comes in blue as well).

6. Round The Twist Theme Tune Sweater (TruffleShuffle, £29.99)
This has been on my lust list for some time now, mainly because it's awesome. I loved, loved, loved Round The Twist back in the 90s (still do actually - one of my highlights in Australia was getting a photo with the actual RTT lighthouse!) so if you're a fellow 90s kid then this is a great quirky off-duty sweater. I particularly love the fairground-style text, which seems to be everywhere right now - well either that or I've just read too many wedding magazines - and can see myself rocking it with a red skirt, black tights and ankle boots. They also do it in a T-shirt for £19.99.

So those are my favourite jumpers for the new season - what do you think? Have you bought/seen any good jumpers lately? And what do you usually wear your jumpers with? Leave me a comment and I'll see you soon!

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