Beauty Review: Accessorize Nail Polish in Magical Mocha

I have a whole bunch of Accessorize polishes but haven't really used them, just because I've had so many shades in my polish box to work through and simply hadn't managed to get around to them yet! So I'm starting off my attempt to try them out with Magical Mocha, which as the name suggests is a pale creamy brown with multicoloured shimmer going through it. I'd been keen to try it for a little while but wanted to wait for the weather change, as it just didn't feel like the right colour to wear until the leaves started to turn.

This post has been a very, very long time in the making, mainly because every time I wore this polish I had a big meeting or something coming up which meant I couldn't wear funky nail polish and had to take it off! I took the photos a couple of weeks ago, which is why the light looks different, but only actually managed to wear it for a long time this week. But hey, better late than never, right?

The bottle is small and squat, with a gold lid that has an almost antique look to it. I like the solid feel to it and the little butterfly detail on the bottle which is common to all Accessorize make-up - it makes it look cute and girly, but also adds a slightly vintage feel. I'd be quite happy to chuck this in my bag and lug it round with me; it feels like it could survive but equally it's not too heavy or an awkward shape.
In the packaging the polish looks much browner than it does on the nail. It always makes me feel a bit disappointed when that happens - after all, nail polish is one of those things that you only really buy because you like the colour in the bottle, right? That said, I do really like both colours, I just sort of wish I'd got the one I actually thought I was buying!

Application was pretty good - the brush was a nice shape and the formula wasn't too gloopy. I used two coats for the photos above which gave pretty decent opacity but the colour has come out more purply than I expected, a bit like a paler version of OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry. I might try that one next actually so I can compare the two shades. It's a nice alternative to the typical autumn dark shades and goes well with lots of different things - you could just as easily wear it with a dress for work as with a more casual jeans and jumper combo at weekends. I like that the shimmer gives it added depth too, and that it's quiteunusual in that you don't see a lot of brown nail polishes.
The one big let-down with this polish, however, was durability. I applied the polish on Saturday morning and the first big chip appeared on Tuesday morning, which isn't really ideal (although I did have quite a typing-heavy weekend). So, overall, whilst I really like the colour of the polish I'm afraid that it's a no from me due to it just not lasting long enough - if it had held up another day or two it would have been a definite keeper.
Sadly Magical Mocha appears to be discontinued (although similar shades Mink and Truffle are available via the Accessorize website) but if you'd like to try this polish then keep an eye out for it in my £1 Nail Sale which launches soon - I'm taking the photos next week but if you're interested please leave me a comment?

Have you tried any Acessorize nail polishes? What did you think of them? And do you have a favourite brown nail polish? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!


  1. Thats such a lovely colour!
    There's a beauty/makeup giveaway with some cute nail varnishes over on my blog at the moment if you'd like to check it out!
    Have a great weekend, Saida xx

    1. Hi Saida, thanks for the comment! Hope you had a great weekend too :) I'll definitely check out your giveaway!

  2. That's such a gorgeous colour, I love it. I own a few accessorize polishes, though I've never tried them out before, I'm tempted now. Anyway just found your lovely blog-I'm your newest follower! Olwyn :') x

    1. Hi Olwyn, thanks for the comment and the follow! Hope you like reading the blog :) I've just had a read of yours, I loved your Harry Potter World post - haven't been myself yet but all the reviews I've heard make it sound amazing.

      I have a couple of other Accessorize polishes as well as this one (Aztec, Sunshine and a blue sparkly one I forget the name of) that I'll be trying soon so keep an eye out for those posts! Which shades do you have?