Beauty Review: China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Skate Night

Morning lovelies! Today I've got another nail post to share with you - China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Skate Night, from the Retro Diva collection they did for AW09. (Yes, that is how long I've had this polish. I know, I am rubbish at getting round to using things!)

The Retro Diva collection was a nod to the 1970s, which as any fellow Dazed and Confused fan will know was an awesome decade, and the name of the various shades reflect that. Skate Night itself is described as a deep crimson shimmer that suits all skin tones, and as I really like red polishes I thought I'd pick this up. It also reminded me a little of OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress (which I've blogged about before here), so I was keen to compare the two.

The bottle is a standard China Glaze bell shape, which feels nice and solid in the hand but not too heavy so is easy enough to carry in a handbag for touch-ups on the run. I'd be quite happy to take this with me and ensure it would survive any knocks. I also like the fact that the lid is quite long and thin in comparison to lots of other polishes which helps with keeping a steady hand - useful for me as I am the least dextrous person ever when it comes to putting on nail varnish! I love it but a lot of the time it looks like I let my three-year-old nephew do my manicure. *blushes*

The polish looks more like a ruby colour in the bottle than it does when I'm wearing it; on the hands it has much more of a berryish pinky-purple tint to it. But they're both lovely colours so I'm not complaining! Plus it makes it different enough from I'm Not Really A Waitress to justify the purchase.

Application was good, with the polish being opaque in two coats but still showing a little bit of brush stroke (although it wasn't really noticeable unless you were close up to it). Durability-wise it was OK - I did this on Saturday morning and although there was a bit of tip wear 24 hours later the first chip didn't appear until Tuesday night, which isn't too bad but not spectacular either.

Overall I really like this polish - the colour is a lovely shade that's very much in keeping with the berry trend in beauty at the moment, and the fact that you don't need a lot of it to achieve opacity. I think it would lend itself to lots of different looks; you could wear it with a party dress over the Christmas period or use an effects polish like a black crackle to give it a bit of an edge for a night out.

If you fancy picking up Skate Night you can buy it from, where it retails for £4.87 a bottle.

Have you tried Skate Night or other China Glaze polishes? What did you think of it? And what's your favourite berry beauty product this season? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!

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