#BritishBloggerSelection Week 2: About Me Q&A/Interview

Morning lovelies! Today I'd like to talk to you about #BritishBloggerSelection, which was started by Ellie at Little Vintage Camera and is basically a group of British bloggers writing about all manner of things - fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cooking, you name it we're writing about it :) Each week on Saturday there is a new theme to blog about with questions, and you can also blog about whatever you want related to that theme. If you'd like to join just hop over to Little Vintage Camera and leave your name, blog title and blog URL and Ellie will send you the latest questions!

I missed the first week (which was Halloween themed) but this week's theme is Q&A, which are always favourite posts of mine :) So, without further ado, here are my answers to Ellie's questions!

Why do you like blogging?
I have quite a stressful job (I work in PR for the diversity campaign of a business charity) and so blogging is a way for me to switch off from that. It also means I can write about something completely different from my normal day job. Plus I get to discover lots of amazing bloggers and chat to some really cool people!
How did you come up with your blog name?
I honestly can't remember, I've had it for so long now that it's just always been there. I am currently in the process of making over my blog though so I'm going to end up changing the name at some point. I have loads of ideas but think I know what I'd like to call it, I just have to make a decision...
Where in the UK do you come from?
I was born in North Yorkshire, then we moved to Lancashire when I was eight, so I consider myself a Yorkshire girl. But I've been living in London for two years and now I'm not sure I can imagine myself anywhere else!
Favourite colour?
I tend to like bright colours, but if I had to pick one colour it would probably be bright red like the colour of a Liverpool strip (spot the football fan!). I'm hoping to be able to incorporate that colour into my blog when I get it redesigned.
Do you like Lana Del Rey?
I do, although I haven't listened to a lot of her new stuff - I might have to play it at some point soon! But I thought her first album was pretty good.
Hidden talents that you have?
This is quite a gross hidden talent, but I can pull back the fingers on my left hand so they're pretty much at a 90 degree angle. I would put up a photo as proof but I know a lot of people hate it so I won't inflict it on you!
Celebrity crush?
Matthew Gray Gubler - he plays Dr Spencer Reid in my favourite TV programme, Criminal Minds, and I think he's just gorgeous. Plus from his interviews and tweets he just comes across as a lovely, sweet, creative person who doesn't take himself too seriously, and that's something I always find very attractive.
Favourite blog of all time?
I have so many favourites! But I think my top three are Domestic Sluttery, Becky Bedbug and Tattooed Tea Lady, because they all have a lovely personable writing style and the blogs just look beautiful.
What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I joined because since coming back from travelling six months ago I've been trying to get more into blogging, and I've found doing challenges like this a huge motivation, so I'm hoping that taking part will help me stick to it. Plus it's an amazing way to meet other fantastic bloggers!

So... that's me! Thanks to Ellie for letting me take part in #BritishBloggerSelection - I've really enjoyed this week's challenge and can't wait to do more!

Are you part of #BritishBloggerSelection or any similar groups or challenges? Do you like doing these sorts of posts? And what's the strangest question you've ever been asked as part of a blogging Q&A? Let me know in the comments and have a great day!

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