Beauty Review: Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Creamy Calming Cleanser

I am a big fan of rose-scented products. Despite not normally being a floral kind of girl, there's something about rose smells that just seems lovely and fresh but also has that girly edge. Case in point: my current perfume, Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One, which has the most beautiful rose smell in an almost 'clean' way and which I absolutely adore. But today's post is about skincare rather than perfume, and more specifically about Superfacialist Rose Hydrat Calming Cleanser.

For those who may not know, Superfacialist is the skincare brand from Una Brennan, whose facials are legendary amongst London's beauty elite. It currently comes in two collections - the Rose line, which is aimed more at dry and dehydrated skin, and the Neroli line which is more for combination and oily skin. The main selling point of both ranges is that they're made with lots of natural ingredients that are good for your skin; for example, this cleanser has shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturise and marshmallow and allantoin which work to soothe and balance the skin and stop it drying out. I'd also heard good things about the Superfacialist range from Sali Hughes, the Guardian's beauty writer who is a bit of a hero of mine, and as my skin has been feeling a bit drier in the cold weather I thought I'd give this cleanser a whirl to help restore some of the moisture.

The packaging is pretty much what you'd expect for a brand that's owned by a facialist - it's very classic with the simple text on the white bottle and a single rose petal, meaning that it looks great no matter what your bathroom decor. It's also a pretty robust product that I'd feel quite happy to chuck in my bag if I was going for a weekend away. (Apologies that it looks a bit bashed in the picture as I'm getting right down to the end of it - though it seems to never end!)

The consistency of the product is that it's very creamy and rich but not too thick, as you can see in this swatch on my hand. It spreads quite easily when applied to the skin too, although I find I need quite a lot - perhaps about the size of a 50p piece to lift off all my make-up. Equally though I feel like it's lasted a long time; I bought this at the end of September and it's still going in mid-December! Finally, it smells absolutely amazing, with a real true rose scent which adds to the luxurious feeling, but I'd expect nothing less from a product with rose absolute in it.

I use this cleanser with my preferred cleansing method, which is to apply it to my dry skin (including eyelids and lashes) and then remove it with a hot wet muslin cloth or flannel, and find that it works really well. It's particularly good as an evening cleanser because it removes make-up really easily but doesn't feel greasy or leave a film on the skin. I've also found that it makes my skin feel really lovely and soft which is great in the winter months. Equally though it hasn't made my breakouts any worse which is always a bonus, and my spot scars have improved using this product as well - I didn't know this before but apparently rose is very good for helping to relieve the appearance of scarring and discoloration of the skin, so that was a nice bonus! The only criticism I have of it is it can make my skin feel a little dry and tight if I don't moisturise straight away, but I

Overall I really like this cleanser - it's lovely and rich which makes ideal for the winter months, takes off make-up really well, isn't too heavy and smells absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a favourite in my book and one I'll hopefully return to next winter or if we go through a particularly cold patch again.

If you'd like to try this cleanser it's available at Boots, where a 150ml tube will set you back £7.99.

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