My Christmas Haul

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you all the lovely things I was lucky enough to get for Christmas this year. It was a bit of a departure from my usual Christmas as both sides of the family did a Secret Santa, which was great in terms of being able to spend a bit less but also being able to buy them something a bit nicer than usual, and also meant I had less stuff to carry on the train! N's mum had me on their side of the family, and my sister E had me on our side, plus I got stuff from my parents, N and a secret Santa (I know, I'm spoiled.) So without further ado, here's what I got for Christmas:

Left to right, from top: British Museum membership, M&S chocs, Balance Me body oil, Kate Mosse book, rabbit pencil case, Naked palette, M&S bedsocks, rose bath salts, Laura Mercier candle, Criminal Minds DVD, Supercurl mascara, Tunnocks teacake mug, Starbucks gingerbread syrup, M&S pyjamas, Tim Tams, No7 shadow/liner, typewriter card holder, chocolate sprouts, Clinique nail set
From N's mum - Naked 1 palette and Urban Decay Supercurl mascara
Yes I know, I'm hugely behind the times, but I had one of these palettes a few years ago and had to sell it to raise money for going travelling, so when N's mum asked me what I wanted I asked for this. I adored this palette the first time round when I had it and am really excited to have a play with all the shades and create some new looks! As I tend to wear neutrals most of the time this is a perfect palette for me and I'm really pleased I asked for it. I wasn't expecting anything else but the mascara was a lovely little extra. I actually recently used up a tube of this mascara and really liked it, so keep an eye out for that review in the next few posts!

From my best friend C - Clinique Party Tips nail set
 Regular readers will know that I am a bit of a nail polish junkie, and  C clearly knows me well by getting me this one! The set contains three polishes in chocolate brown, silver and hot pink - all gorgeous classic colours and great for the party season or days when you just want a bit of colour. Plus it comes in a really cute little pouch which will be great for travelling. I like the fact they're in mini sizes as well as hopefully it means I'll use them up before they dry out and get gloopy.

From my sister E - 'The Mistletoe Bride' by Kate Mosse, Laura Mercier chestnut candle, typewriter card holder, rabbit pencil case, Tunnock's teacake mug, bauble with chocolate sprouts
I think if E's gifts had a theme it would be 'winter night in' - I can just see myself curled up on the sofa, drinking tea and getting lost in a good book whilst the gorgeous smell of chestnuts wafts through the flat. The candle was possibly my favourite present, mainly as it smells so wonderful; I could smell it even before I'd opened the box! I'm quite excited to light this one as I hope it smells as good in 'real life', but equally a bit sad about burning it down. The book is also wonderful; I love a scary story at Christmas and so far this is a brilliant collection of short pieces covering a range of different time frames and concepts, but all with unique voices and that stay with you long after you read them. I also have a couple of lovely kitsch bits I'll use for blogging - the pencil case to store my pens (because you can never find your pens in your bag!) and the typewriter card holder to store my business cards when we move and I eventually get myself an office. The mug appeals to my love of Tunnock's teacakes (if you've never had one, they're chocolate biscuits topped with marshmallow and covered in chocolate and they're delicious) and kitschy homewares, and the chocolate sprouts - well, they're ridiculous, but they're also brilliant, and actually pretty good chocolate too. Not that I'm eating them as I type, honest...

From N - British Museum membership, Criminal Minds season 8 DVD, Starbucks gingerbread syrup, Tim Tams
Yes, I'm a nerd and proud of it. I've made no secret of my Criminal Minds fandom and am particularly excited for season 8 - there's apparently a brilliantly scary 'big bad' this year as well as a new agent and a couple of big story arcs for various characters - so looking forward to watching that whilst eating Tim Tams (the Aussie equivalent of Penguins which I got slightly addicted to whilst we were there) and drinking a homemade gingerbread latte. They're my favourite Christmas drinks so being able to recreate them at home for the rest of the year is making me very excited! Finally, the British Museum membership was our joint gift to each other; we both love it there and hopefully this will encourage us to go to more of the exhibitions as we get those free

From my parents - M&S reindeer pyjamas and bedsocks
I have actually worn the pyjamas already because I foolishly split coffee down my Old Navy Christmas pyjamas that I've had for ten years on Christmas morning (I know, I'm a classy bird), so apologies that they look a bit crumpled! But they're incredibly comfortable and I really like the reindeer and candy cane pattern on the pyjama bottoms. The bedsocks also match beautifully and are lovely and soft, to the extent that I keep stroking them! I often get cold feet in bed so will be wearing those on chilly winter nights.

From my gran - M&S chocolates
Because it wouldn't be Christmas without a massive box of chocolates, and M&S always delivers in that regard. My gran also very generously gave me and N some money which I will put into the wedding fund - every little helps after all!

From my nanna - rose bath salts
I don't normally buy many bath products but this was a lovely gift from my nanna. I'm a big fan of rose smells and these smell absolutely lovely so I'm very happy with that! They'll also last me ages as the jar is massive :)

From my Secret Santa - No7 Stay Perfect shadow/liner and Balance Me body oil
I took part in a Secret Santa on a beauty forum I'm part of, and was lucky enough to be given these two lovely products. The No7 shadow/liner is a beautiful purply-grey shade with lots of shimmer and lasts ages; I swatched it on my hand this morning and it's still there almost nine hours later. It's particularly good for me as I'm terrible at precise liner so anything I can smudge is a winner. I haven't tried the body oil yet but I've tried and liked Balance Me products before and it smells beautiful, so I'm hoping it'll live up to its promise - and of course I'll let you know if it does.

I'm chuffed to bits with all my lovely presents - they were all brilliant and I feel incredibly lucky to have received such great gifts. It's a fantastic mix of silly and practical, as well as plenty of things that will last me for long into 2014, and it's certainly very 'me'. Just in case any of my gift-givers are reading this, thank you all so much!

What did you get for Christmas?

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