My Top Five Christmas Songs

So, after yesterday's post on my favourite Christmas films and TV, today I'm writing about my favourite Christmas songs. Christmas songs are one of my absolute favourite things about the festive season; as soon as that playlist goes on my iPod on the first of December I'm ready to get in the Christmas mood. I have a huge range of stuff on there, from 70s classics to John Lewis advert music, but these are the five that would go on every Christmas mix if I had my say.

5. Elton John - 'Step Into Christmas'

In terms of pop records, the 70s and 80s were far and away the best decades for Christmas songs. Packed with the cliches of presents, choirs, snow and Santa, as well as videos with wall-to-wall Christmas jumpers, they now form the staple of my Christmas playlist. I could have picked any number of tracks from Whizzard to Wham!, but my first vote goes to Elton John's 'Step Into Christmas', mainly because it's ridiculously catchy and the epitome of that 70s glam rock Christmas record that now populates our airwaves in December. And it has a keyboard slide!

4. Muppet Christmas Carol - 'One More Sleep Til Christmas'

I mentioned Muppet Christmas Carol in my favourite Christmas films blog post, and one of the reasons I love it is because of its songs; they're perfectly pitched at keeping the light-heartedness of the Muppets but also brilliantly driving the story. I could have picked any song from this movie, but 'One More Sleep Til Christmas' edges it because a) it's Kermit/Bob Crachit and b) it's a perfect song for the run up to Christmas. Plus it features some brilliant comedy moments with the rats that work alongside Bob in Scrooge's book-keeping office and with a random party of skating penguins (don't question, just go with it). A wonderfully sweet song and one that always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

3. 'Silver Bells'

Because it isn't Christmas if you don't have something to croon along to. This has always been one of my favourite Christmas songs right from when I was tiny; we used to have a tape with Jim Reeves songs on it, and this was one of them, so it brings back all those memories of family Christmases. I just love the lyrics and the picture they paint of preparing for Christmas, whilst making me feel all warm and cosy and looking forward to the festive season. There are loads of different covers of this song - I have versions by Michael Bublé, She & Him and Dean Martin on my Christmas playlist - but as I couldn't find the Jim Reeves version on YouTube I've gone for that other master of the Christmas croon, Bing Crosby.

2. The Waitresses - 'Christmas Wrapping'

The snow and presents cliches are all well and good in a Christmas record, but occasionally I like a story to go with them. The Waitresses' 80s hit Christmas Wrapping is just that, telling the tale of a relationship that seems thwarted on every level throughout the year as the singer swears off Christmas for this year. Even if you can see the ending coming a mile off, it's still a proper barnstormer to sing along to and one that gets everyone up and dancing at the Christmas party, so it had to be on my list. Plus it reminds me of my eldest sister, and being reminded of family is always a reason to add a song to my 'favourites' (yes I'm soppy, I know). And it must be the Waitresses, not the inferior Spice Girls version.

1. Tim Minchin - 'White Wine In The Sun'

I know a Christmas song about drinking wine in the sun may seem a little odd, but for me this song brilliantly encapsulates what Christmas is about - spending time with the people you love, and knowing that they'll always be there for you. I played this one a lot when I was in New Zealand last Christmas, on the other side of the world from my family - much like Minchin, who wrote the song after his daughter was born and he was thinking about his parents and siblings in Australia - and although it did make miss them terribly it also reminded me about the real meaning of Christmas. And it's funny as well as being emotional. A brilliant, brilliant Christmas song.

So, that's my top five Christmas songs. I had to admit picking these was a lot harder than choosing the films - I could have quite easily done a top ten - because music is a huge part of Christmas for me, but I'm happy with my final choice and will be playing them a lot this year.

What's your favourite Christmas song? Are any of these on your list?

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