The Nerd Tag

I recently came across the Nerd Tag on Bex's blog Futures., which seems to be where I get lots of my tagged posts from! It was originally created by Joelle of the February Girl blog and basically asks you to list six nerdy facts about yourself. As I am a shameless geek this seemed like the perfect tagged post for me, so here are my six nerdy facts!

1. I love Only Connect. For those of you who don't watch it, it's a game show but involves having to make connections between words, so things like having to predict the fourth thing in a connected sequence. Give me an episode of Only Connect after University Challenge on a Monday night and I'm a happy bunny - the missing vowels round is my favourite.

2. I'm in the WI. Yes, that WI - the jam and Jerusalem, crafting and baking, middle-aged women WI. I only became a member recently but I'm really enjoying it so far - it's an opportunity to indulge my creative side which I don't get to do much at home as our flat is so small, and I've met some really lovely people of all ages through it.

3. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter... I read the books obsessively as a kid and am currently re-working my way through the films; I'm actually watching Chamber of Secrets as I type this. I even own a Ravenclaw Quidditch T-shirt! (And before you ask why Ravenclaw, short answer is I'm not brave enough to be a Gryffindor, and pretty much every Sorting Hat quiz I've ever taken puts me in Ravenclaw.) Harry Potter would definitely be one of my specialist subjects if I were to ever go on Mastermind.

4. ...and of Doctor Who, to the extent that I am considering a Doctor Who-themed wedding (that is how much of a nerd I am!). I'm more new Who than old Who, and at a push Nine is my favourite Doctor - I wish Christopher Eccleston had done another series as I loved the darkness he brought to the role. If you haven't seen the episode Dalek then stop reading this now and watch it because he is brilliantly scary but also really poignant. But I love Ten too, especially in his early series when he still had that ruthless edge but with an element of fun as well (plus you've got to love a man who can rock Converse with a pinstripe suit).

5. I'm writing a novel. It's a murder mystery set in Roman Britain and was inspired by a TV documentary on a gladiator graveyard that was found in York a few years ago. I'm currently working on the second draft and am hoping it might be ready to send round to publishers in the next year or so. I write model TV scripts too, mainly for things like Criminal Minds (and yes I am aware that's basically one step away from writing fan fiction) but also have a couple of my own ideas that I'm working on.

6. I get a bit obsessed with songs. If I love a song then I will basically play it on a loop for days on end. At the moment it's Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire' from the soundtrack to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - it's just such a brilliant juxtaposition of dark lyrics with this beautiful peaceful music and is making me miss New Zealand a lot, especially the gorgeous scenery on the South Island.

So now you all know how deeply uncool I am! (If you want to stop following me now I'll totally understand by the way.) But in a strange way I'm also quite proud of my nerdiness - it's what makes me who I am and if we were all the same then it'd be a pretty boring world, right?

As usual I'm not going to tag anyone specific to do this challenge but if you're reading and you'd like to do it then please post a link in my comments, I'd love to read your answers (and get some reassurance that I might not be the nerdiest girl in the blogosphere!).


  1. This was really interesting to read - completely agree on harry potter and getting obsessed with songs :)
    Saida xx

  2. That is so not uncool! I may have to do this tag soon. I Love Harry Potter ( I own a Hufflepuff house scarf :D ) and Doctor Who. Did you see the Christmas special?
    Menna x