13 Things Before The End Of 2013: How Did I Do?

So, a few weeks ago you may remember I wrote a post about 13 things I wanted to do before the end of 2013. As we're now in 2014, I thought today I'd do a quick update post to let you all know how I got on!

1. Sort out my blog rebrand. As you can see, I've now got my beautiful new blog design and will hopefully soon be changing over my social media links as well. The only thing left to do then is buy my blog domain which I'll hopefully do in the next few days, so I think that's been pretty successful.
2. Get to 100 blog followers across all platforms. I did it! I just checked my Bloglovin and have 58 followers, plus 44 on GFC, so I've reached 102! Thank you all so much for following, it means a huge amount to me to reach that milestone :) I did promise you guys a giveaway when I got to 100 followers so keep an eye out for that in the next couple of weeks.
3. Clear out all the stuff I don't use any more. I made a start on this in the days after Christmas but haven't quite managed to get it finished. I gave a load of clothes to the charity shop but still need to put all my music on my portable hard drive before I can sell my CDs on Music Magpie, so I'm aiming to get that done in the next couple of weeks.
4. Watch all the Harry Potter films. Fell a bit short on this one to be honest. I did watch them all before I wrote this but I didn't watch them all in 2013 - Deathly Hallows Part 2 was on TV on New Year's Day so I watched that and Half-Blood Prince yesterday.
5. Get to my Goodreads target of 25 books by the end of the year. Done! Have read 29 books so far this year (probably more actually but I only had a target of 25 on Goodreads as I couldn't update too often when we were travelling).
6. Give notice for our wedding. I've booked an appointment to do this on the 9th January so that'll happen in the next few days, making it finally official!
7. Book appointments to see florists/cake makers/photographers. I haven't done this yet but N and I are currently finalising our favourites and then we'll decide from there which ones we like best. I am however hoping to take cake makers off my list as my cousin J is an amazing baker and has made cakes for family occasions before, so I'm hoping she'll be able to make the cake for our wedding.
8. Visit my sisters. I went to see my eldest sister E in December for a couple of days which was lovely - just getting to hang out with her and my nephew was brilliant as we don't really see each other except on family occasions. We were also supposed to see my other sister S but sadly my eldest nephew wasn't well so we weren't able to meet up, and then she had Christmas at her new house whereas E and I went to our parents' so didn't see her then either. But hopefully we'll see each other soon!
9. Set up a blog sale. Again I'm currently working on this; I've got quite a few bits listed but there are still some more to add, so hopefully that should be done ASAP.
10. Post at least every other day in December. I did miss one day, but then did two posts together, so in a roundabout way I did post every other day. I have to say it helped that I had a few quiet weekends so was able to write and schedule lots of posts and build up a bank of work for the next couple of weeks, although it does make me realise that blogging is effectively like having a (second) full-time job!
11. Take a photo every day for the rest of December and post it on Instagram. Yet again, I failed at this hugely! I think it's mainly because I struggle a bit to take spontaneous photos,
12. Finish watching Criminal Minds and Firefly. I did manage to watch all seven series of Criminal Minds before getting season 8 on DVD for Christmas from N (I'm spoiled, I know), but sadly haven't yet finished watching Firefly. That said I've got a fairly quiet January so hoping I'll be able to get caught up on that by the end of the month.
13. Get to £4,000 in savings. Done! As of today I have just over £4,000 in my savings account, which will hopefully be a huge help towards the wedding and buying a flat. We're hoping to buy somewhere in the summer but I wouldn't mind waiting until after the wedding, although given how crazy house prices are in London at the moment I'm not sure it'll happen this year...

Did you set any goals for 2013? How did you get on?

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