Shops You Fall Out Of Love With... And Come Back To

I'm aware that, at 26, by blogging standards I am practically geriatric, but in an odd way it does give me the advantage of having seen trends come round before. It's funny to see things you loved before - fashion, for example - reappear years later, but equally to see certain shops which may have fallen out of favour previously get rediscovered by a whole new bunch of people. So, as I was in a thoughtful mood, today I wanted to write about a couple of brands that I loved in my younger years - one that I gradually stopped going to (but may yet be persuaded to come back to), and one that I've recently rediscovered.

In the past few weeks I've seen a lot of love on the blogosphere for Lush products, especially their Christmas editions. It was lovely to see people discovering the brand and falling for it hard, especially as someone who was a big Lush shopper when I was a student. And having a housemate who worked there helped - hello 50 per cent staff discount! I can remember the first time I went in a store and just fell in love with everything, wandering round sniffing all the lovely products and spending waaay too much. Over those three years at uni I think I tried nearly all their products, from shower gels to shampoo bars, and lots of them were on my Holy Grail list at the time. Some of them still are; when my eczema is really bad, only Dreamwash and Dream Cream will do, and Mint Julips reminds the best lip scrub I've ever tried. I was also pretty active on the Lush website forum, where I met some really lovely people and got some great advice and support during tough times. In short, I was something of a Lush obsessive.

And then, somewhere along the line, I just stopped shopping there. Whether it's because I don't really take baths, because they discontinued lots of my favourite products, because of various issues they had when their new website was brought in (it took a long time to be ready and then several people had their credit card details taken after using it), or because the shops scare me slightly due to being leapt on by staff the second you walk in the door, I couldn't tell you. Or perhaps it was a combination of all those things, but I just fell out of love with the brand. I'd still go into the shops to smell the new products and see what was about, but there was nothing I really loved. Gradually I worked my way through my stash until I reached my last Lush product - a huge bottle of their beautifully green-smelling Tramp shower gel. I know 'green-smelling' isn't a great phrase but it's not light enough to be fresh and yet not quite woody either, so 'green' it was. Sadly it's now discontinued and, although I like Grass, the replacement, it just doesn't have that same complexity.

And then, something happened where they started bringing out products that sounded utterly wonderful again. A big lure-back for me was the Rose Jam shower gel, because it contains three of my favourite scents - rose, lemon and vanilla - and I'd also heard great things about the Santa's lip scrub and Santa Baby lip tint which were in the new Christmas products for 2013. So now I'm getting itchy feet and the urge to go up to Westfield or Covent Garden tomorrow and see if I can get my mitts on any of those products, as rather annoyingly they're all sold out on the website. Of course sod's law says that if I go down there tomorrow there won't be any left, but you never know, right? And to me it's worth a shot to see if I can rediscover that old magic for a wonderful product and scent.

Something similar has happened to me with Yankee Candle. Again, living near a shop that stocked them when I was at university meant a considerable chunk of my money went on them, but after moving back home it was just too much hassle to buy them. But then suddenly they seemed to be all over the blogosphere and I started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I should look at them again. The deal was sealed when I went into the Yankee Candle shop in Westfield - yes, they actually have a whole shop there now - to buy a present for a Secret Santa gift, and I was sniffing all the new scents. It took a surprising amount of willpower to walk out of there with just the thing I wanted for my secret Santa, but already I'm itching to go back there and start stocking up on tarts again! I really love the smell of scented candles so am hoping that investing in some will help to create a more 'homely' vibe in our current flat, and eventually in our new one when we buy it; as sad as it is I have a wonderful mental image of a beautiful scented candle burning away on my dressing table in my office as I write my blog and film videos. (I know, I'm such a cliche, right?)

Are there any shops you've fallen out of love with - and any you've gone back to? What was it that made you go back there?

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  1. This happens to me alll the time!! And always nice to rekindle the love and realise what you were missing! xx