#2014BloggerChallenge: High Street Vs High End

This week's topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge is high street vs high end, and I have to start by admitting that most of my make-up comes from the more high street end of the spectrum, mainly because I've been trying to save money for what feels like forever. I am going to start setting myself a beauty budget and treating myself to more high end things, but equally I'm all for singing the praises of the high street, especially when you need a quick pick-me-up on a budget.

I thought of loads of ways to do this post - a high street face video, a wishlist - and then I thought about a high street vs high end tag, as you all know how much I love a good tagged post! I had a bit of a hunt around on Google and Youtube but, surprisingly, I couldn't find anything that fit the bill. So I decided to have a go at writing my own tagged post. I have to admit it's surprisingly hard to think of good questions, so if you'd like to have a go at this tag do feel free to add some more or take things out!

What products would you always buy from the high street?
Probably body products like shower gel and body lotion. I like a nice scented body lotion to match my perfume on occasion but the idea of spending double figures on a shower gel (other than for a huuuge bottle and even then it'd have to be pretty darn good) just seems pointless.

What products would you always buy high end?
The only one I can think of is eye cream, mainly because Benefit It's Potent! is the only thing I've found that does anything for my horrible dark circles. But if I could find a great high street one I'd be willing to give it a go...

If you could only shop at one high end brand which would it be?
I think NARS just edges it because they are good at everything - foundation, mascara, blushers, bronzer, eyeshadow and lippy. Its only drawback is that it's expensive!

If you could only shop at one high street brand which would it be?
This is a tough one, because I find that all the high street brands are really good at different things. But I think because my two big things are foundation and lips, then it would probably be Revlon, who do awesome lip products and my favourite high street foundation. 

Which was your most surprising high end product?
Living Proof Prime Style Extender - I bought this after Sali Hughes, the Guardian's beauty writer, recommended it to stop your fringe getting dirty as the day goes on. Initially I was a bit sceptical about it, especially at £17 a tube, but it is honestly a miracle product and now I wouldn't be without it. Look out for a review coming soon!

Which was your most surprising high street product? 
Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I'd heard good things about it but wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it is - lovely feel on the skin, good coverage and decent range of colours especially for the more pale amongst us. Now, if only they could make it with a pump...

Are there any products where you've switched from high street to high end (or vice versa)?
I used to be a real reverse snob about fancy haircare, but since buying the Living Proof Prime Style Extender I've had my mind changed on that a little (though I'm still not sure I'd buy any other high end hair products). To flip reverse it, I've been semi-converted to high street perfume by Body Shop Coconut Eau De Toilette, which smells like summer holidays in a bottle.

You've got £30 to spend - do you splurge on one high end product or go on a high street shopping spree?
Oooh this is hard! I think I would probably go for the high end product, just as there are so many lovely posh things I'm coveting at the moment. I might even be a bit cheeky and maybe split the money between two products - say Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara and Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes in Whopping Willow (though I think that would take me over the £30...)

What's your desert island high street and high end product?
High end would have to be a MAC lipstick - I think I'd probably go for something like Girl About Town as I love a bright lip - and high street would be Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer.

Let me know if you do this tag, I'd love to see your answers!

What are your favourite high street and high end products?


  1. great post! I think if I could only shop at one high end store I would pick NARS too! Or maybe MAC :)
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. I need to try more MAC stuff I think - I love the lipsticks and the eyeshadows but haven't tried many of their other products...

  2. Amazing post love high st vs high end posts find them interesting especially clothes/style wise! and I really need to try the NARS glow foundation xx


    1. Thank you! And you should definitely try the NARS foundation, I've tried it (though haven't invested in it yet - waiting for payday next week!) and it is absolutely lovely.