Day Tripper: Greenwich

I don't know about you, but yesterday felt like the first really lovely day in a long time - glorious sunshine, milder air and a sense that even though this winter has felt so l-o-n-g, spring will be here soon. So I decided to go out for a walk rather than spend yet another weekend cooped up in my flat and going a bit nuts, and headed down into Greenwich.

Originally the plan was a mooch round the shops, but it actually ended up being more of a day of taking pictures! And as I haven't done a day trip post for a while, I thought I'd write a short one on Greenwich. Hope you like it (with apologies that this is a very pic-heavy post!).

The Ranger's House near Greenwich Park - it's a beautiful old building and I love the contrast of the red brick and white windows aainst the bright green grass and the gorgeous blue sky.

One of my favourite things about Greenwich is the Cutty Sark. This beautiful old, old wooden ship was once the world's fastest, but was very nearly lost for ever after a fire a few years ago (allegedly caused by someone leaving a vacuum cleaner plugged in). It's now been restored and is held out of the water in a glass building, so you can walk round the base of it.

 These guys were playing outside Waterstone's. They were really good too! I always love seeing buskers and they often feature in my day trip posts.

After stopping off for tea and cake at the Red Door Cafe (which I reviewed here), I popped into Greenwich Market after having a look in a couple of the shops to have a wander.

I love all the nautical-themed hearts hanging from the ceiling in the market. The anchor is my favourite.

The food and drink stalls are at each end of the market and then the clothes and crafts stalls are in the middle. It was jam-packed so I couldn't take any pictures but there were some some lovely things. I found a great stall selling pictures with photos of various objects in London that they then make into names and phrases!

The Greenwich Market clock.

The side entrance to Greenwich Market with the spire of St Alfege's Church in the background. Just ignore the betting shop...

Another busker, this time outside Greenwich Park gates. I also randomly bumped into my friends M and C here for a bit and we had a quick chat. It was lovely to see them, especially C who I haven't seen for ages!

The National Maritime Museum with Canary Wharf in the background.

The view across Greenwich Park with the Royal Observatory in the background. I love the stripes on the ground from the shadows of the trees.

The bandstand in Greenwich Park.

Look how close this squirrel came to me! 

This is my favourite photo of the day - the gates at the other end of Greenwich Park with the spire of Blackheath Church in the background. I did slightly risk my life to get this shot but I'm very pleased with how it came out!

Have you ever been to Greenwich?


  1. We'd love to visit England one day and get around to some of the small towns. It looks like such a gorgeous place!

  2. It so pretty there!! You take lovely photos :)

  3. This made me so nostalgic! I spend my childhood in Greenwich then went to Uni there. It's my favourite part of London! Lovely post :) x